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How to Make a Electric Motor Step by Step

How to Make an Electric Motor


You can take an electric motor as an electrical machine that makes the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical one and mechanical one into electrical energy. Electric motors operate by the development of magnetic field into it that makes. The motor blade or pin to rotate and thus the rotating blade or pin can be fixed up with some belt or anything else so as to make it rotate as in the case of a fan. Electric motor may be a mini one or a huge one, all these work on the principle of electromagnetic induction and thus can be used for various purposes.

How to Make a Electric Motor Step by Step - HowFlux

How to Make a Electric Motor Step by Step

Making of An Electric Motor:-

An electric motor consists of a motor cabinet in which we fix up a pin wrapped in copper wires so as to act as a solenoid. You can even choose to make one for yourself by cutting off the copper wire and winding off in a circular way. It is fixed at the mid part of the electric motor and then two magnets are fixed parallel to it. The wiring is made connecting the middle copper wire wrapped pin to the outer body and thus when electricity is passed through it connecting the positive and negative, a magnetic field gets generated within the motor.

The pin starts rotating due to this magnetic field and thus you can choose to attach anything at the other end ranging from a fan to a belt. As the motor pin will rotate, the fan attached with it will also rotate and thus your fan will be made. If you are using this motor for the pumping purposes, you will need to attach a pump along with it or if you wish to operate some straw cutter with it, you will need to make the usage of a belt with this motor pin and thus the motor will function properly. You can choose to add batteries for the power supply purposes and make sure to use batteries according to the power that the motor needs. The supply can be kept AC or DC according to the needs.

Applications of An Electric Motor:-

If you are using some fan based appliance, it will surely make the usage of a motor. The motor that you use to pump the water is also the same like this one and the toy cars etc are also equipped with these motors so as to make the vehicle run with the moving tires connected to the motor pin. Motor can also be used to generate electricity in turbines and in some other purposes like grinding up the grains and some vehicles etc as well. An electric motor is a solution to your countless problems and can help you in various rotational related purposes.


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