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How to Make a Crown for Girlfriend

How to Make Crown for Your Girlfriend


It is every girl’s dream to feel like a beauty queen. To have a crown positioned on her head gives a princess like feel to every girl. A crown is a cheap thing to make, but an expensive gift ever given to a girlfriend as the cost of making a crown is always small but the way it makes a girl feel like your princess really counts. If you wish to make your girlfriend feel like your princess, you can easily manage to make a crown for herself following these simple tips:-

How to Make a Crown for Girlfriend

How to Make a Crown for Girlfriend

1. A Cloth Crown:-

Take a suitable fabric cutting a cloth with shape of crown from it and then arrange sparkling stars, ribbon flowers and other such attachments on it. This will result in a perfect crown for your beloved. You can show your creativity while making experiments with outer decoration in this type of crown.

2. A Crystal Crown:-

Crystal crowns include crystals to be embedded in a plate of steel, silver or gold. This type of crown can’t be made without taking the help of goldsmith. If you wish to make one such crown at home, you can use artificial crystals fixing them with the help of glue on a metal plate in order to make the crown look more attractive.

3. Make It With A Plastic Container Recycling It:-

Take a plastic container’s base and mould it up to give it the shape of a crown. Paint it up and give it a finishing touch with sparkle glue and marker. Affix glass attachments and ribbon on it to make it look more attractive. Your girlfriend will get surprised when you will place this sparkling crown on her head.

4. A Flowery Tiara:-

A flowery tiara includes a thin wire to be arranged in the form of a circle and then we insert flowers in this wire. The wire passing through mid of each flower gives the look of a flowery tiara and you can make it with roses and lily flowers in order to surprise your beloved. You can also use artificial flowers if you think that flowers may dry out till you will reach your girlfriend.

5. A Lace Crown:-

A lace crown is a crown which is made and built around a lace. The lace gives you freedom to tie it on a head of any size and thus this type of crown is the most suitable one for all purposes. In order to make this crown, all you will need is a lace with craft attachments stick to it with the help of glue. You can also use a cardboard crown cutting in order to fix these attachments to give it a real crown like feel.

6. A Wire with Petals Crown:-

Simply take some petals of roses or some other flower and arrange them perfectly around a thin wire sticking them in symmetry. You can also sticky these rose petals around a cardboard sheet or a lace. There should be no space left on the surface where you do not stick these rose petals. The entire surface will get covered with rose petals like this and this will serve to be the perfect gift for your partner.


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