How to Make A CD Bootable

How to Make A CD Bootable


To make a CD bootable means to put it into the state of readiness to be played in any device or to get installed in any device and to run without creating any problem. In order to get the CD booted, many people are found reaching cyber café’s to get this job done taking it to be a job beyond their reach or taking it to be a mammoth task. In case you wish to get a CD become bootable, you simply need to follow the simple steps that we are mentioning here and you would be able to make it bootable sitting at home.

How to Make A CD Bootable

How to Make A CD Bootable

1. Run the booting application:-

In order to make a CD bootable, first of all you will need to get a booting application downloaded within your system just like here we are making use of the PowerISO application. After the application gets downloaded, simply run it and then open it up. There are several other CD burning applications that can be downloaded from Google searching for them over it.

2. Click on the “new” button and choose the dedicated option from menu:-

Now after the application gets opened, you will need to make a click on the “New” button on toolbar or choose the “File and then New, then Data CD / DVD Image from the menu. You may make a click on the add button on provided with the toolbar to add file and folders and you can even choose to drag the files bringing them from windows explorer to the application.

3. Now create dedicated folders for placing the files:-

After the files have been bought inside the application, you would need to create folders and sub folders for placing the desired files into it. Simply choose the menu “action and then new folder to create the folder and change label option to change the label. The file properties can also be set similarly.

4. To save the files:-

The dragged files can be saved Clicking on the “Save” button on toolbar or you may even choose to click on the file and then choose save as option from the menu itself. Simply choose any amount of the files that you prefer and save them within the placed destination in a similar way.

5. Making the files booted:-

In order to make files bootable, you will need simply to Choose the menu “Action, then Boot and then Add Boot Information” to load a bootable image file. The file can be then saved to the desired destination and then it can be burnt to a dedicated CD or DVD bought in order to burn the data on it.

6. Go for a restart of the computer:-

After the CD has been burnt with bootable data the CD has become bootable and now you may restart the computer and check if the CD has become bootable entering it to some other computer or for the purpose that you have made it bootable for.


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