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Main Causes of Child Labour and its Effects

Causes of Child Labour


You can take child labour as the practice of having children get engaged in earning as a labourer instead of getting educated in some good school and that too getting deprived of all what they should have got from their childhood. The children of age 13-14 or even a much lower age can be seen washing up utensils in local restaurants and tea shops, etc. so as to earn some money to help their parents in running households and these children don’t even know what childhood is and thus keep on getting discriminated at low wages rather than completing their schooling and making a good career. The causes behind this social concept can be taken as follows:-

6 Main Causes of Child Labour and its Effects

Main Causes of Child Labour and its Effects

1. Low rate of employment:-

Low rate of employment can be taken as the main cause of child labour. In the cases when a father is a habitual drinker and there is no source of income for family, the child has to take all the responsibilities on his own shoulders thus making him get deprived of the childhood.

2. Persisting poverty:-

The persistent poverty has become another reason resulting in child labour. It has been seen that the people in poor families prefer to have more children so as to get more earning hands for the family and thus they forget that more members in family will mean more eating heads as well what becomes the reason of child labour.

3. Backwardness of temperament because of Un education:-

The un education prevailing in the society is also responsible up to some extent for child labour as un education has lead to the backwardness in temperament of people and thus they think that the essence of life is in earning and not getting educated. These people never send their kids to school and instead choose to keep them employed somewhere.

4. Sometimes because of lack of resources:-

The lack of resources that are needed for a sustainable life is also responsible for resulting in child labour up to some extent. Children whose parents die in a very earlier stage have got no option available with them except to get indulged with some job that enables them to earn their bread in a better way.

5. Even the employers get cheap level of labour:-

As these are children, It is easy to befool them and as they are thought to be physically weak, the wages paid to child laborers are less what proves to be a benefit for the employer as the work for which they have to pay 400-450 rupees approximately to an adult gets done by employing a child for it by simply paying off 50-70 rupees and thus the cheap cost of labor is also responsible for child labuor up to some extent.

6. The government system up to some extent:-

The government system seems to be focusing on the caste based strategy and providing caste based S.C/S.T reservations, etc. to public rather than providing them equal opportunities and this is why the rich is becoming more rich and poor is becoming more poor. Government should keep its focus rather on development of the needy ones, like the children whose parents die in a very tender age, leaving them alone with no option but to work on wages.


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