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What is The Main Causes of Acne in Adults

Main Cause of Acne in adults


Hormonal causes of acne:-

Imbalances or imperfections in the hormones of an individual or the activities, such as menstrual cycle and puberty, may be a factor resulting in the formation of acne. while in puberty, a rise in sex hormones called androgens happens that causes the follicular glands to get enlarged and make more of the sebum.

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What is The Main Causes of Acne in Adults

A similar increase in androgens occurs when child is in the womb of a mother, also leading toan increase in sebum production. Usage of anabolic steroids may have the same effect.

Psychological & infectious causes of acne:-

An anaerobic bacterium species, Propionibacterium acne is concluded to result in a wide range to cause acne, though Staphylococcus aureus has been discovered at the world level to play a role since normal pores appear colonized only by propionibacterium acne.  Regardless of that, there are specific clonal sub-strains of propionibacterium acne associated with normal skin health and others with long-term acne skin problems. though It is as inconclusive till yet if any of these undesirable strains get evolved on – site in the adverse conditions or are all pathogenically acquired, or possibly both depending on the patient or the individual.

These strains have the capability to bring about a change, perpetuate, or adapt to, the abnormal cycle of inflammation,  produce oil, and inadequate sloughing activities of acne holes.

Dietary causes of acne:-

The relationship between diet and acne is totally unclear as there is no good quality evidence. However, a high glycemic load diet is related with acne being worse. There is also a +ve relation b/w the of milk getting consumed and a greater rate and severity of acne.
Others such as chocolate and salt aren’t at a support by the proof.  Chocolate contains a volume of sugar that differs and that can lead to the formation of a high glycemic load that can be made with or without milk.

Causes according to Pathophysiology:-

blockages in the follicles result in the formation of acne. Hyperkeratinization and formation of a plug of keratin is the earliest change. Enlargement of sebaceous glands and an uprise in sebum production occur with increased androgenproduction at adrenarche.
The microcomedo gets enlarged to form an open blackhead or closed comedo. Comedones are the direct result of sebaceous glands becoming blocked with a naturally occurring oil called sebum, and the dead skin cells.


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