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How a Magnetic Bullet Train Works

How Bullet Train Works


Bullet train is a kind of train that runs with tremendous speed. After getting introduced in Japan, the world is moving quickly towards these kinds of trains and many contracts are being fetched by various nations to the companies in order to avail the facility in their countries as well. Talking about the engineering technology used, the bullet trains operate totally on the principles of magnetic properties, making use of electromagnets for high speed movements and regarding the entire procedure of functioning, the data that we have bought for you might make you familiar with the same.

How a Magnetic Bullet Train Works

How a Magnetic Bullet Train Works

1. The Electromagnetic Suspension:-

We know that magnetic power is a kind of ultra-fast power and suppose we have got an electromagnet of much high power, even the heaviest things can be lifted with it provided the stuff to be lifted should have the metallic properties in it. Talking about the electromagnetic suspension technique, this makes the use of magnetic attraction concept and instead of running the engine by supplying the electricity, the magnetic power of strong electromagnets is bought in use for making the bullet trains operational.

2. Clearing the Doubts:-

The bullet trains have got electromagnets outfitted along their undercarriages and the track is equipped with coils. You must have read in your chapters of science that current as well as the number of copper wire windings affects the electromagnetic properties directly and indirectly, and thus the electric current that is supplied to these electromagnets which is done under the surveillance of a dedicated team is made with variable polarity.

3. After the Electric Current is supplied:-

Now, after the electric current is supplied to the electromagnets, the magnetic field system can enable the management to push or pull the train with it along the track and this is how the bullet train moves. The speed is ultra-lightning fast as all this is done within magnetic field and the weight of train is balanced with the magnetic levitation force keeping the train stable.

4. The Speed of Bullet Trains:-

You must have observed how fast and quick a magnet can lift objects right? Well the system that we have described in the above lines is capable of making the bullet trains reach the speed of 300 miles per hour or even more which is why the bullet trains have become really an ultra-lightning fast means of transportation for all.


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