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Why Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

why should you love your neighbor as yourself


Your neighbor is a thing of need even if you hate them. Anything should be kept at a bay only if it is of no benefit, but your neighbors are always beneficial for you in many ways. Just like friends come with benefits, even neighbors come with benefits as you are all alone when you have no neighbors. A neighbor will help you in Marriage Functions, you can Exchange the Food with them. You can ask them for babysitting when your baby is left alone and even if they are of no such benefit, you can at least sit with them daily to share your ideas and to pass your time. In order to love your neighbor as yourself, these tips will prove helpful for you:-

why should you love your neighbor as yourself

Why Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

1. Remind yourself about the Help that they did to you:-

keep reminding yourself about the help that your neighbors make for you. This is a way in which you always have an idea that your neighbors are of a great use and thus you are able to love them like yourself. No-one helps you without an idea that you need it and when you develop a friendly kind of relationship with your neighbors, they help you unconditionally.

2. Tell yourself you need them:-

Tell yourself that you need neighbors. There can be many times where neighbors prove to do a work which even your loved ones could not do for you. For example, suppose you have to leave your house for some time in order to reach a shop for purchasing something needed, you can ask your neighbors to look after the house and your baby who he is sleeping inside. You really feel like loving your neighbors when they prove to be of a work for you.

3. Don’t Be Too Much Obsessive and Privacy Minded:-

Some people in sectors and colonies of metro cities are so much possessive and privacy minded that they do not pay heed to their neighbors at all. Having privacy in your lives is advised, but privacy more than needed can be very much harmful as in such cases, your neighbors won’t pay a heed even when a thief enters your house.

4. Have Someone to Share Your Views:-

Have someone to share your views with. Gather some chairs in the street in evening and sit down with your neighbors to talk with them. This develops a healthy and friendly relationship and you are able to know each other in a better way. A friendly kind of relationship soon gets established and also you start loving each other.

5. Sit with Them Daily:-

Have some time to sit with your neighbors daily. Feel their presence in the family functions and parties. Exchange food items with them and keep greeting them when you move out or in. When you greet someone, it creates a positive kind of impact on that person and even he or she is supposed to greet you back like this. Once this countdown of greetings and exchange of happiness starts, you start loving your neighbors like yourself.


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