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How to Look Like a Perfect Girl

How to Be a Perfect Girl


A perfect girl is though innocent, but she never lets herself fall a prey to others. She will never get influenced by other person’s sugar coated and butter sprinkled words. A perfect girl is the one who never lets others take an advantage and is instead a master of her own destiny. She will be an all-rounder being a great orator, a great athlete, a great student and a great person. A perfect girl is simply the best a parent can have and in order to become a perfect girl on whom even the parents feel proud, you can bring in use the following tips:-

How to Look Like a Perfect Girl

How to Look Like a Perfect Girl

1. Beauty with Brain:-

A perfect girl is a perfect combo of beauty with brain. She can make anyone dance on her fingers like anything. She will wear all traits of innocence, but that does not mean that she will let anyone take advantage of it and instead she brings the best of use of her brain to make people act the way she wishes.

2. Know How to Make Others Crave before you:-

A perfect girl knows exactly how to make others crave before her. She won’t ever be dependent on anyone and instead she will have both, the power of reason as well as power of will.  A perfect girl is a girl of academics as well as a girl of sports and athletics.

3. A Goddess in True Senses:-

A perfect girl is a goddess in true senses. She knows exactly where a girl suffers a drawback and she never lets those weak points serve as an impediment in her way. She is an epitome of love and care. She takes decisions very much smartly and she is also able to take a stand for herself in every manner.

4. Know When To Say “No”:-

A perfect girl always knows when to say “No”. Even if she accepts someone’s proposal and indulges in an affair with someone, she will still impose some rules and limits on her partner and this means saying no for pre-marital sex or to have no sex during periods and without protection. A perfect woman does not only know how and when to say no, but she can even make you obey it within a span of minutes. Besides this, a perfect woman is always careful about those who wish to molest her or betray her and she never leaves any chance for anyone to be able to stab her back or to ditch her.

5. A Pride of Her Family:-

A perfect girl is the pride of her family. Her parents can trust her blindly and she never crosses the boundaries put forward by her family or care takers. A perfect girl is always able to decide what is right and the best of her quality is to be able to adjudge if something is right or wrong and she is also able to take right decisions.

6. Women of Self-Respect:-

A perfect girl is a girl of moral values and she is a woman of self-respect. She is an innocent daughter and an ideal daughter. She knows when exactly to become naughty and when exactly to behave nicely. A perfect girl is simply the best creation of god and this can be noticed from her nature as well as character.


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