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Long Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Long Term Effects of Alcohol


Alcohol can be understood as a beverage that contains a drug named ethanol, which can result in much harmful effects sometimes. The person who takes alcohol in an uncontrolled manner suffers the condition called alcoholism and thus meets various social, mental and other such disorders. In an controlled amount, alcohol can be good, but if that gets uncontrolled, it may also result in some long term effects that we are mentioning here in this article.

Long Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body (6 Steps)

Long Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body

1. Affects Your Driving:-

It has been seen that in most of the accidents that happen due to driver driving in an improper way, It has been found that the driver was drunk and was driving under the influence of alcohol. The accidents that occur due to the influence of alcohol can be termed as a long term effect of drinking alcohol as many lives have been found to have lost due to it.

2. Decrease in Sexual Power:-

It has been found that the people who drink alcohol in an improper way always stay at a loss. Alcohol drinking can bring about a downfall in the process of libido and can even result in making you sexually weak with a low count of sperms. Those who drink alcohol much often are found to be weak while making sex and thus which affects their future coming off springs as well.

3. Broken Relations and Thinking Capability:-

The people who drink alcohol much often have a low thinking capability as their brain stops functioning after meeting alcohol related hangovers and thus they start staying angry much often and such person can be seen fighting much with the other people associated with them. The thinking capability of such a person gets affected adversely and thus such people are found to get their relations broken much easily.

4. Liver And Brain Damages:-

Those who drink alcohol always put their liver at a risk to meet damage. It has been found that alcohol can make your liver gets blocked by the airways and its capability to exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen gets badly affected this way making the liver meet a damage. The brain of such a person also gets affected badly in a way that these people loose their ability to think and often stay irritated and agitated. The people who choose to deal with the heavy drinkers are also likely to suffer due to this long term effect that drinking alcohol gives.

5. Ulcers and Cancer of Mouth And Throat:-

Drinking alcohol can even result in the ulcers of mouth as well as the throat. These ulcers are often associated with swelling and a pain that does not goes naturally. The cancer of mouth and throat causes such a burning sensation in a patient that he is not able to bear naturally.

6. High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Gastritis, Obesity:-

The person who takes alcohol in an uncontrolled amount is likely to meet the conditions like stroke, gastritis and blood pressure as well. It has also been seen that the person who drinks alcohol will keep on getting fat and obese day by day.


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