How to Lock Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet (5 Steps)

How to Lock Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet

How to Lock Cells in Excel


Microsoft word is a kind of word processing software that is composed of spreadsheets enabling a user to work with cells organized in rows and columns. You can make basically any kind of record and perform calculations with this powerful software from the house of Microsoft and it makes you feel free to experiment with the data. In some cases there is a need to lock the excel cells so as to prevent further changes in it and In case you need to lock the cells, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Lock Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet

How to Lock Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet

1. Selection of the Cells that you need to be spared:-

First of all, you will need to decide which cells you need to stay unprotected and which cells do you wish to be locked. After selection has been made, you will be able to make judgment and go for the rest of approach like wisely.

2. Click the Cells and Then Protection Tab:-

With the most of Microsoft Excel versions except the ones that came after Microsoft excel 2007; there is a format menu in which there is an option of cells. You simply need to click this option and then click the protection tab. Now you will see there is a check box, clicking which the individual cells can be locked or previously locked cells can be unlocked as well.

3. Certain Restrictions Will Also Be Employed:-

When you have locked a specific kind of cell, you will be required to follow certain restrictions, which include, when you lock a specific cell it means you declare there will be no changes made to it afterwards and thus you won’t be able to type data into it afterwards or to modify it. This is why I asked you to select the ones that you wish to get spared.

4. The Unlocking Procedure:-

In case you have mistakenly locked the cell that you wish to make changes with, you will need to unlock the cell using same procedure, first of all and then select the cells that you need to be unlocked from the format menu and you will be able to make changes to the specific cell afterwards.

5. For the Entire Worksheet:-

First of all select the entire worksheet clicking either shift plus “An’ or else click the rectangular grey button that is provided in upper left corner of the worksheet. Now when your worksheet has been selected, Simply reach the format menu and protection tab following the same procedure as what I mentioned in the previous steps and you will be able to deal with the entire worksheet like wisely, but remember that once a worksheet gets locked, you won’t be able to make changes in it till you unlock it again.