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How to Lock a Folder in Windows

How to Lock a Folder


A folder is a place where files are stored and in order to arrange files within a saving space, we make folders. Often when we get something kept in a memory card or the internal memory, we are always concerned about the privacy options and in case you have got something that you need to hide from the others, including your personal videos as well as pictures, you may feel a need to go for locking that particular folder of memory card and in order to do that, you may choose to go for the following tips:-

How to Lock a Folder in Windows

How to Lock a Folder in Windows

1. Go To the Properties and Click Encryption:-

In order to lock a folder, you can choose to click its properties and there you would find a dedicated column for encryption. Simply open up the general properties option and it would ask you if you wish to encrypt the folder. On computer, this is the best method to set any folder with a lock.

2. Get the Folder Encryption Software:-

If you are not using a computer or laptop and instead there is a smart phone or windows phone in your hands, you may choose to download folder locking software from the dedicated application market of your device. The folder encryption software is widely available with all sorts of application based stores.

3. Get Some Privacy Based Application:-

In case you do not find this also helpful for your problem, you may choose to get some privacy based application installed in your system that will specify everything with a desired gesture or password. You would need to set this password after running the software and each time you open anything, the password will need to be entered.

4. Get U.S.B Encrypt Software:-

In case you wish to encrypt your U.S.B or Memory card, you may choose to download U.S.B encrypting software in your system and the folders in U.S.B would get locked. The each time user tries to access that U.S.B, the password would need to be entered.

5. The Usage of Application Lock Software:-

In case you wish to lock the applications in your android system, there is dedicated application locking software available on the play store that can be bought in use to encrypt all the applications with a password without which none of the applications would be able to be accessed by anyone.

6. Locking the Data Based Files:-

In case you have got some data based file like that of Microsoft word or Microsoft excel, there is a dedicated option to encrypt such files within the application’s menu itself. Simply reach the menu and go to the encryption option. The file would then be able to be encrypted by you with a password of your choice without which it won’t be able to be opened.


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