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How to Live a Good and Long Life with Diabetes

How to Live Life as a Diabetic


The one, who suffers from the disease called diabetes, is called a diabetic person. The level of the sugar in blood of such a person is always found in access and because of this, the body’s response to produced insulin gets reduced. In some of the cases, production of insulin hormone gets completely stopped and the person becomes dependent on injections of insulin to survive. Such a person leads a miserable life, making compromise on many food habits as well as other such habits related to daily life. If you are a diabetic person, you can follow these simple tips in your schedule:-

How to Live Long Life with Diabetes

How to Live Long Life with Diabetes

1. Take Care about Your Injection Time Table:-

A diabetic patient should always stay in touch with his/her doctor. If possible, take his personal contact number and stay in touch with him. Enquire also about the dates of insulin dosage and take your injections on time. You can also get sugar-free supplements recommended from him as an added support.

2. Take Care about Sugar Consumed:-

Each amount of sugar consumed during this health problem acts as a kind of poison to you in certain ways. In order to live life as a diabetic person, you should keep a watch over each and every dosage of sugar that you consume. Every fruit/vegetable or any other such item that you purchase for your kitchen should be purchased only after watching its inner content of sugar.

3. Keep Taking Anti-Sugar Stuff like Amla, Mango Leaves Etc:-

When you suffer from the disease of diabetes, you can add items like amla or amla juice and mango tree leaf extract to your schedule. Both these help in decreasing the level of sugar inside the body. The other similar plant based items like Aloe Vera juice or other such items can also prove beneficial in some cases as well.

4. Never Smoke:-

Smoking is injurious to your health when you are normal. It acts more badly than just injurious to you if you are diabetic and thus you should completely prevent yourself from smoking anything like a cigarette, cigar or pipe if you are a diabetic person. Besides this, you should keep your health chart monitored by staying in touch with a concerned person.

5. A Perfect Blend of Exercise and Medicine:-

Your day should begin with exercising and you should focus on weight loss program. You should take care about workout as well as medicine, both at the same time. Once you start following both these in your daily span, you will feel like diabetes is not your enemy anymore and you have made yourself able to cope up with it in a better way.

6. Sugar Free Cakes and Puddings:-

There is a sugar free product available in market named as “Sugar free natura” which is basically a sugar free product which can be added to your puddings or cake while making them. It is totally sugar free and thus you can eat cakes or sweet dishes made with it. Sugar otherwise is harmful for you. You can look for the other similar options if needed.


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