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List of Top 10 Dog Breeds in the World

Top 10 List of Dog Breeds In World


Dogs are men’s best friend and those who look to bring home a companion for them need to chose a better one for their families and thus in this article we have come with top ten dog breeds that will prove to be an awesome choice for everyone.

List of Top 10 Dog Breeds in the World - HowFlux

List of Top 10 Dog Breeds in the World

1. Boxer:-

This dog weights about 30-32kgs in the case of males and 25-27kgs in the case of females. It can go about 50-60 centimeters in size. This one is a short, shiny, smooth and a child friendly dog. This breed remains short sized, short haired dog with a powerful bite sometimes, but remains friendly with its family. People like boxer dog for its head that is enough to describe its name.

2. Beagle:-

This dog weights about 10Kgs approximately and remained short weighed and goes about 33 to 35 centimeters in size. The dog as a short haired coat and comes with its tricolor body. It remains small to medium sized and is famous for its love showing nature for its family and master friendly nature.

3. Dalmatian (Dog):-

This one is a carriage dog that is 55-58cms in size. This dog lives about 10-13 years and is known for its patchful skin. They are large and muscular dogs with excellent features. The puppies look much cute when they are born with plain white patches. This one is often used as a rescue dog and remains adoring with the family.

4. Doberman Pinscher:-

The nickname for this dog is Doberman and it weights about 4-kgs approximately and has a size about 70centimeters. This one is amongst the top breeds that people like to bring home. The tail of this dog is fairly long and often have their ears cropped. They can easily learn to respect and protect their houses and are an awesome breed to bring home.

5. German Shepherd:-

this one weights about 30-40kgs in case of males and 22-32kg in case of females. The dog is a double coat type and lives about 9-13years. These dogs originated in Germany and are a large sized company and are known for its large size. The forehead is doomed and a long square cut muzzle. This one is a guard dog and is known for their intelligence.

6. Golden Retriever:-

The dog is about 29-32 kgs in weight and about 58-60cms in size in case of males and 55-57 cms in case of females. The coat is moderate and wavy and has golden or creamy shade. This one was meant for hunting ducks and birds, but later on people started to bring them home for guarding purposes.

7. Labrador Retriever:-

This one is simply known as Labrador and weights about 25-30kgs and is about 55-60cms in size. The coat is smooth, short, dense and straight and the life span is about 12 to 13 years. This one is playful, and people like to bring it to their homes as it is friendly to its master.

8. Great Dane:-

This one weights about 50-60kgs and is about 70-75cms in size. The dog is known for its instincts, qualities and friendly nature. This one seeks for affection from its owners and is extremely large in size. The dog was used earlier for hunting purposes and now is used as a pet in most of the dog lover’s houses. This one has also become a symbol of luxurious lifestyle habits.

9. Rottweiler:-

This one originated in Germany and weights about 35-55kgs in weight. This one goes about 55-60cms in size and is a double coated, short and thick coated breed. The color can vary from black and tan, black or mahogany. The life span is about 8 to ten years. The dog has got abundance of strength and is known for its cunningness.

10. Pug:-

This one is a cute dog with a weak bladder. This one has a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and a curled tail. This breed has a fine glossy coat that comes in variety of colors. The dog is really cute and people like to bring it home. This one has a sociable and gentle behavior and is an awesome choice for those who have children.


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