List of 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in India


IT or Information Technology can be regarded as the Industry that provides I.T services as well as BPO services. This sector made Bangalore regarded as the silicon valley of India in a way that it is filled with I.T companies only. In this article thus we have come with a list of top ten I.T companies in India that will boost up your knowledge about the I.T companies as well.

 Top 10 IT Companies in India

List of 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in India

1. Tata Consultancy Services:-

T.C.S was founded in 1968 by J.R.D Tata with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra and serves worldwide in the field of Information Technology. This IT company deals with IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing Services. This one is a Multinational Information Technology company that operates in 46 countries and serves for the placement purposes in countless renowned colleges.

2. Tech Mahindra:-

This one was founded in 1986 with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India and serves worldwide in the terms of I.T consulting and services. This one is a multinational company with BPO as well as well as networking solutions. This one is a part of Mahindra group and serves in multiple nations worldwide.

3. Infosys:-

Infosys can be regarded as an Indian Multinational company that provides its services in Business Consulting, Information Technology, Software Engineering and outsourcing services etc. with headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company was founded in July 1981 by its founder Mr. Narayan Murthy.

4. HCL Technologies:-

This one was founded in August 1976 by Shiv Nadar and Arjun Malhotra with headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India and serves worldwide in the field of software consulting as well as Information Technology. This one serves in approximately 31 countries and proves to be a placement hub for various renowned universities as well.

5. Wipro:-

This one is an Indian multinational I.T Consulting and System Integration company that was founded by M.H. Premji in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 1945 and serves worldwide. providing the services like IT, Business Consulting, and outsourcing Services and employees lakhs of people through its departments.

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6. Essar:-

Essar can be regarded as an Indian multinational conglomerate with investments in steel, oil, gas & power energy and infrastructure and Information technology services. This one is operational in more than 25 countries out of India and was founded in 1969 by Shahsi Ruia with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

7. Tally Solutions:-

This company is a Bangalore based software company that currently deals with more than 100 countries other than India and the software of it is mainly used for vouchers, financial statements, taxation, etc. that software is developed with a core proprietary engine with a SDK wrapper and using a Tally Definition Language.

8. 3i InfoTech:-

This one is an I.T global information technology, Product based company in India that deals in software products, I.T services, business process outsourcing and a variety of other services as well. This one was founded in 1993 and has been kept improving since then with a very fast speed with near about 10,000 people working in it.

9. Birla soft:-

This one is an Indian Information Technology firm that provides services in the field of banking, finance, insurance, I.T and media/health care industry. This one was founded in 1995 with headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh dealing in IT Services and IT consulting. This one is a C.K Birla group venture.

10. C-DAC:-

This one is a research and development organization under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India and was established in 1988 with Rajat Moona as the director and located in Pune. This one provides services in the field of Information Technology and advanced computing.