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6 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

Why Linux Is Better Than Windows


Windows is an operating system built by Microsoft corporations for the purpose of running a computing device and most of the computers and laptops that we see around us are compatible with it. Linux is also such an operating system that solves your problem of running multiple applications within it and I have been personally using both the versions, the Linux one with my laptop and windows version within my desktop. Using both the operating systems, I find Linux version to be better than windows and it can be explained in certain ways.

Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

1. Better and Fast Application run:-

The first and foremost feature of Linux is that it is a better and faster platform for running your applications. While running some application where even the windows fail sometimes, I never found Linux to be lagging behind in such aspects.

2. More Reliable:-

Linux is more reliable platform to be used within the devices. We asked some people to give us reviews using windows exchanging their devices with Linux based devices and all of them spoke that though they had never tried their hands over Linux, but now they found it to be even more reliable than windows versions that they were using.

3. Separate Application Market of Its Own:-

The best feature that I liked about Linux is that it supports an application market of its own which means you can download any sort of applications that you like from this market and all will be compatible with the system and moreover there is no fear of getting a virus infected file from this application market.

4. Less Chances of Meeting System Related Troubles:-

The system failure related troubles that the windows meet sometimes that require an immediate troubleshooting are not seen with the Linux based platform and thus I would like to call it even better than windows.

5. Though You May Find It Difficult But Once Learnt, It Is Better Than Windows:-

I found Linux a bit difficult to be bought in use in the starting but then afterwards when I got accustomed to it, I found it even easier to be used than the windows system. Once learnt, the Linux version proves to be better than windows and thus this adds to the features of it.

6. Fewer Issues Concerned:-

The system operation related issues that are common these days with the piracy based on fake windows, there are no such issues with the Linux version as a few people are aware with it. There is not even a need for antivirus with Linux as when you download the application from its app store, there is no risk of virus.


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