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Why Do Green Leaves Change Color in Autumn

Why Do Leaves Change Color in autumn


Autumn refers to the season that makes the beauty fade. I am not talking about the beauty that makes one fall a prey to lust, but the beauty of flowers as well as plants that drench their leaves apart from their branches in this season. It fills our minds with a question, why is there a dedicated season for leaves to start falling? Well to answer this question of yours, we have bought some logics as well as facts that will clear this doubt of yours for sure.

Why Do Green Leaves Change Color in Autumn

Why Do Green Leaves Change Color in autumn

1. The Plants Themselves Are an Answer:-

Why do leaves change their color in autumn” has got its answer hidden within the question itself. The leaves prepare themselves for shedding down from the tree’s branches and thus they turn pale and faded so as to ultimately fall down.

2. First Understand the Life of A Tree:-

The life of a tree is also much like us, but its life cycle is somewhat complicated. Trees have got their leaves functioning as kitchen and they take carbon dioxide, sunlight, water etc as raw materials to make food. But it is obvious that if someone will eat, he will have to excrete it as well after the energy gets taken from the food and thus the trees try to remove the unwanted product by placing or transferring all such stuff to the tree’s leaves. The leaves turn pale and faded in autumn and finally fall off.

3. A Perfect Season for Perfect Phenomenon to Occur:-

As we know that it is a law of nature that every season has got its perfect separate means and perhaps autumn is meant for the leaves to get shredded and then new leaves to start sprouting. Actually during winter, there is not enough light or water and as we know that plants are able to make their food only by the process of photosynthesis that requires both these ingredients, the trees need to keep some food spare for winters which are why all this takes place to establish a control with these processes or phenomenon.

4. The Autumn Arrives:-

A famous writer says,” If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Well, he wants to say that if winter has come and the leaves have got shredded, the winter which takes off all the food stored by a plant will again meet spring and then again a chance would be there with the tree to store food for the winters.

5. The Leaves get shredded:-

The leaves get shredded in autumn but coming to the main topic that is change of color, this is either due to the fact that leaves are preparing themselves to start falling or that winter is awaited and that tree is sparing some food for itself.  One season follows the other and again the chlorophyll is visible that makes the production of new food with the help of available raw materials and thus the life cycle of tree starts once again.


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