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How to Learn your Typing Speed In Easy Steps

How to Learn Typing Fast


Typing can be understood as the process of writing or input of text by pressing the keys on some typewriter or keyboard attached to some input gadget. You may do typing on some computer, laptop or even some tablet or other mobile device as well. Typing can be done in the form of numbers, alphabets or even when you press the function keys, you are said to be doing typing and if you learn how to do it in a better way, you can get the best results out of it.

How to Learn your Typing Speed In Easy Steps (6 Steps)

How to Learn your Typing Speed In Easy Steps

1. Get a Typing Software Installed in Your PC:-

First of all, You will need to download a typing tutor software. If you don’t wish to download them , You can even wish to use them online. Now when you have installed the typing tutor software, you can choose to go for learning the keys, techniques and finger methods from it. The typing test software are specialized with typing related quizzes, techniques and tests in order to boost up your typing speed.

2. Learn by Typing Based Games:-

There are certain typing based software that even offer typing based games to the users. Typing can be a fun this way. These games include pressing of alphabetic keys as fast as you can. These games include cloud games as well as letter writing games. These games can prove to be a great help for you to learn typing.

3. Practice On Microsoft Word:-

Obviously, if someone asks you to type something, He will surely ask you to type it on MS Word or notepad and thus you should try to revise these software and their shortcut keys in a proper way. Microsoft word rather offers you the word count feature as well. You can choose to practice on MS- Word in order to learn proper typing.

4. Typewriter Practice:-

There are certain offices which still make the usage of typewriter for typing purposes like that of law related firms, etc. and thus you can also choose to go and practice on a typewriter if you need to learn typing for some govt. Related job. You can join some typing institute in order to learn typing. The more you practice, The more will you learn.

5. Earning While Learning:-

The cyber cafe’s and cyber print out/ typing job providers keep on hiring newcomers for typing related works. You can go to these places and ask for a typing related job work in order to learn typing. Start by increasing your speed day by day and take it as earning while learning.

6. Practice More And More:-

Now when you have got all the procedures to learn typing, you just need to practice more and more with each coming day in order to bring out the typist in you and the typing speed will keep on getting increased day by day like this. You can even choose to go for the weekly or monthly typing tests in order to go for continuous evaluation of yourself.


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