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How to Learn to Draw from Imagination

How to Learn to Draw


Drawing can be regarded as an art that is practiced in order to draw something on a paper or some plain surface. Drawing is an art that makes you depict your emotions and your dreams and imagination in a better way. Drawing enhances creativity in you and brings out an artist hidden somewhere in you. Those who know drawing can best depict their imagination and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us learn it in a better way and thus here we are explaining some ways for you to learn it in a better way.

How to Learn to Draw from Imagination

Learn to Draw from Imagination

1. Proper Tools:-

In order to learn how to draw, First of all you will need the proper tools to do so. You can begin by purchasing a ruler, a sharpener, a pencil, some drawing sheets and some colors. You can choose to go for plastic colors or pencil colors or crayons in the beginning and you can go for posture colors or water colors as you learn more and get experienced.

2. Learning From Geometrical Figures:-

You can learn a lot from geometrical figures. Suppose you have to make a house, obviously it will be rectangular in shape and suppose you have to make an earthen pot, you can choose to go for a circular figure. Make the geometrical figure that resembles the structure that you are planning to draw and then make changes in its structure using a pencil and rubber. You will learn drawing this way.

3. Imagination:-

Now as the artist in you gets professional day by day, you can choose to paint all your imaginations on a piece of paper. Try to make cartoons, physical figures, diagrams, pictures of monuments and mountains and valleys and landscape, etc. try to paint whatever comes to your mind and try to paint your imagination on a piece of paper. Keep on practicing as it will make you perfect one day.

4. Dots Joining Method:-

You can even manage to purchase a dot drawing learner book from some leading book seller. In these books, the drawings are made on a page with dots that you have to join in order to make the complete drawing and thus you need to make it again on the another page. This process is the best if you are a beginner in order to learn drawing.

5. Art Classes:-

You can even manage to take art classes from some good artist or drawing teacher in order to learn drawing. These artists can make you learn a lot. You can even manage to watch the art based T.V shows that come on television these days in order to enrich your imagination power. You can even manage to learn drawing by trying to copy pictures that come in newspapers or to try making portrait of someone standing near you.

6. Creativity:-

The artist inside you will keep on improving till you will keep on improving. Practice makes a man perfect and so is the case with you, Keep on practicing in order to enrich the creativity in you. You will surely get trained one day.


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