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How Big is The Largest Pearl in the World

How Big Is The Largest Pearl


Pearls always win hearts as these can be embedded in the necklaces or the rings or even wrist bands so as to enhance your outer looks and look presentable for some party or some other celebration. Talking about the largest pearl, the Pearl of Lao Tzu is believed to be the largest amongst all pearls in today’s world and it is also known by the name,” Pearl of Allah”. Being the largest pearl in the world, this pearl attracts the attention of many pearl lovers and the rest of its characteristics, including the length and other specifications can really leave one stunned with it.

How Big is The Largest Pearl in the World

How Big is The Largest Pearl in the World

The Discovery of Largest Pearl:-

The pearl of Lao Tzu was discovered by a Filipino diver in Palawan Sea that is situated near the Island of Palawan. It is a ‘Calm pearl” or you can say a “Tirdacna pearl” and measured 2400 millimeters (24 centimeter) in diameter while weighing about 6.4 kilograms in weight. It was then bought to the Philippines by an American who had purchased it from Palawan area and then owned the pearl till he was alive. The American person met his demise in the late nineties and then the facts behind the pearl were revealed, including the way of making purchase as well.

How It Got the Name “Pearl of Allah”

According to a person who wished to purchase this pearl, the tribal chief had told him that the pearl resembled the turban head of the Islamic prophet and thus was sacred. The fact that this pearl is sacred and belongs to the Allah or the Islamic god made people start calling it as the “pearl of Allah.”

The Various Experimentations and Exhibitions That Followed:-

Afterwards, the pearl of Allah was put for exhibitions and various researches were made on it. Many purchasers tried to purchase it and thus it gained a kind of popularity. Various experimentations also followed that were meant to know more about the structure and formation of this pearl.

Pearl of Lao Tzu or the Pearl of Allah?

You cannot obviously challenge someone’s religious beliefs and same is the case with Pearl of Allah or the Pearl of Lao Tzu. The chief had gifted this pearl to the person as an epitome of gratitude for saving his son and as told by the chief, this one was from Allah and resembled the turban of prophet. As I have said earlier, we can’t challenge any religion or any one’s religious beliefs and thus it is ok to call the pearl by any of the both names, let it be” Pearl of Lao Tzu” or let it be “pearl of Allah


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