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How to Know Wife Affair Before Marriage

How to Know Wife Affair before Getting Married


Marriage is a unity of two hearts, two souls and two families, but the same changes to doom and destruction of all these, if one amongst the two partners turns out to be a fraud or a cheat. In some cases it has been seen that a girl is committed with several boys before getting married and when the question comes about marriage, she agrees to marry a guy with an intention to ditch him in future acquiring his parental property in the name of a relation and still chooses to make contact and affair with her old partners.

How to Know Wife Affair Before Marriage

How to Know Wife Affair Before Marriage

In order to avoid such cases, there is a great need to look for the options to determine if your would-be wife is indulged in a pre-marital affair or not. This can be done in several ways, some of which are as follows:-

1. Watch out the Level of Her Frankness:-

A girl can be easily adjudged with the level of her frankness. If a girl is extra frank with others, it means she has an affair. If you see your would be wife standing with some other boy most of the times, He can be her boyfriend is he is not her brother. Don’t be mistaken to take her friends as her boyfriends. A girl can have some classmate friends, but the level of her closeness with them determines if they are just a friend or an affair for her.

2. Come to Know about Her Background:-

Before marriage, you can judge a girl by her background. Simply ask her where she is from and enquire about her quality traits from someone known in that area. Asking or enquiring these things from a stranger can invite trouble for you as well. It will be like putting a finger on a girl’s character and thus you should perform this step only with someone whom you know in her area.

3. Find Some Friends Common with her:-

Make some friends in common with her. Start talking with them to develop a kind of friendship with them. Make them get drunken ordering alcohol for them and when they result with a hangover, ask them about the girl. A drunkard can’t keep anything digested in his or her stomach and thus in this situation, they will reveal even the dark side of girl whom you are planning your future with.

4. Enquire more and more:-

Another effective approach in adjudging a girl for her pre-marital affairs is a direct talk with her. Ask her if she had a past and if she is a real girl, she will accept everything about her past in front of you. If she is of a pervert kind, she can also expose herself in a very proud way and thus helping you to adjudge her.

5. Try Keeping A Track Of Her Visits Like A Spy:-

Manage to find her on all the social networks, but do not send her a friend request and instead keep a track of her activities by noticing the number of people in contact with her and the kind of comments that she makes on someone else’s statuses. This will give you a clear picture of her lifestyle. You can also keep a track of her visits like a spy without even letting her come to know about it.


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