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How Do You Know When or if You Are Ovulating

How Do You Know When You Are Ovulating


Almost all of us may be familiar with the fact that a woman has got the ova or what stores the eggs and when the women mates with her man, the male sperm gets fused with this female ova to fertilize the eggs that she has got in her. When the egg is getting released out of her ovary, the process is referred to as ovulating and when the egg gets fertilized, the process is referred to as fertilization which means the girl is pregnant. Talking about the time when a woman comes to know if she is ovulating, the process is really simple that you will come to know in the further points.

How Do You Know When if You Are Ovulating

How Do You Know When if You Are Ovulating

1. Ask It from Your Periods:-

It should be noted that the changes that your body experiences while in periods can help you a lot to know when you are actually ovulating. Simply calculate the date when your next period will start and then subtract fifteen from it. You are going to ovulate ranging from this day to the next four-five days following it. This way the periods can help you a lot to know when you are going to ovulate.

2. Recognize the Changes in Your Body:-

When you are ovulating, the body undergoes some changes with it and these changes can be considered so as to know when you are ovulating. Simply check if there is some vaginal discharge, if there is a change in the body temperature or the body hormones. These three approaches can be made to be bought in use to recognize the changes taking place in the body. Let me make you understand it, explaining each of these one by one.

(I) Get the Clue with Change in Body Temperature:-

It has been proven in a study that when you ovulate, the body temperature increases slightly. Take the basal body temperature readings and measure them every day calculating the change in temperature. If this has raised 0.5-1.0 degree Fahrenheit, this means you are ovulating.

(ii) Check If There Is Any Vaginal Discharge and Notice it:-

We know that periods are associated with the discharge from vagina right? Track the vaginal discharge and note down if there is mucus ejecting from it. This mucus will be more cervical in case you are ovulating and thus this approach can also be bought into use so as to know if you are ovulating. The mucus should be clear and sticky in case you are ovulating.

(iii) The Idea That Your Hormone Levels May give you:-

Even the level of hormones can be bought in use to check if you are ovulating or not.  Simply bring home an ovulation prediction kit from the nearest medical store and put your toilet drops on it. There is no need of getting these kits prescribed, as these are made for the self-testing purposes only. When you will pour up the toilet drops, the color change will make you come to know if you are ovulating or not.


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