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How do you Know if You Have Back Pain

How To Know If You Have Back Pain


Back pain is the pain which is felt in back. This can be acute/sub-acute or chronic pain depending on the duration and effectiveness of the pain. It can be characterized by a burning sensation felt in the associated part of the back and it can occur in the lower back or upper back. The pain makes us feel helpless sometimes and we use multiple approaches to cure it. There are also some people who don’t even know that what they are suffering from but still keep complaining that their back pains because of some disorder or the other and thus here we are describing all the factors that can help you determine that you are suffering from pain in back.

How To Know If You Have Back Pain

How do you Know if You Have Back Pain

1. The Difference between Neck and Shoulder Pain and Back Pain:-

When you keep on exercising vigorously for a week in gym and then you leave gymming all of a sudden, this makes your shoulder and neck muscles experience a kind of pain which is called arm and shoulder pain. This takes place because of excessive stretching and serves as a drawback of leaving gymming. Back pain is different from this pain as in it; you never feel a pain in shoulders but the back portion only but it can also be referred from other parts of the body.

2. The Origination of Back Pain:-

Back pain originates from the nerves, muscles and joints of your bones or other such structures in the vertebral column. The back bone experiences this pain in actual. Sometimes, the internal organs such as gall bladder or pancreas may also lead to referred pain in the back. If you work in an environment where you are subjected to sitting before a bench for hours, you are sure to experience this kind of pain.

3. The Detection of Back Pain:-

When you keep sitting on a stool for a long interval of time, you experience a dull and constant ache in your back which soon becomes sudden and sharp if you are exposed to same working environment for hours. You stay fine if you keep on taking standing or walking breaks in mid but it makes you troubled if you keep sitting for a long time. It can also result to you if you lift something heavy like a filled gas cylinder or gym weight.

4. The Age for Back Pain:-

Anybody irrespective of his/her age can become a victim of back pain. If you are getting older, there is maximum risk of this disease. The normal age to experience back pain is thirty to forty years, but you can even experience it if you are younger and you keep on sitting before your computer system for a long interval of time.

5. How Can I Get Back Pain:-

If you are not fit or if you are overweight, you are much likely to experience this health condition. In some people, this health problem is also hereditary and it can also occur if there is a lack of calcium in your body. If you have a record of some disease like arthritis etc, you are likely to experience such pain. If you are a gym trainer or a habitual weight lifter or smoker, you are at risk of experiencing back pain. Back pain is also reported in house wives when they try using a broom or mop while bending in order to use it or when they try to shift the bed or heavy almirah.


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