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How to Kill Unwanted Process in Windows

How to kill process in windows


While we work on any windows version, there are many tasks going on like a Skype application running in background of Bluestacks application or any other such application running underneath. Actually, each of these processes going on feeds the RAM of your computer besides feeding the data plan and often PC hangs result because of these undergoing processes only. In such cases, it becomes essential for us to kill such processes and windows task manager or command line can help us in this direction. The exact procedure to this job goes as follows:-

How to Kill Unwanted Process in Windows

How to Kill Unwanted Process in Windows

1. Starting the Task Manager:-

This approach includes the usage of task manager in order to kill processes going on. Task manager is available to be used in every window version and you never need to install any other add-on application to use this feature in your windows version.

  • Start Task Manager:- The shortcut key for this purpose is “Control key” + “Alt” key +”Delete key” This will take you to the task manager directly in case of windows XP but if you are using an advanced version of windows like windows 7 or 8, the computer will ask you if you wish to start the task manager or you will like to restart the computer instead.
  • Look at the Processes undergoing:- There are many processes undergoing when you switch to the task manager. The task manager will give you a detailed list of all the processes running on your computer.
  • Ending the processes:- In order to kill a particular process, you can easily select all of them by clicking and dragging the pointer of your mouse or you can easily kill one respective process at a time ending all the respective processes this way.
  • Ending the applications or services:– With task manager, you can also kill the other such tasks like running applications and other such services.

2. Use Command Line to Kill Processes:-

Command line or command prompt feature enables you to kill any task with the task kill feature. Here you have to use command in order to kill any task. Here is the procedure to perform it.

  • Open the CMD Utility:- Search for CMD utility. You can find this with the start button. Make a right click and Run it as an administrator or switch to the admin account and then run it.
  • The CMD Utility gets launched:- The CMD utility gets launched like this. You have to run the task list command now. A list of running processes gets displayed on the screen.
  • Killing a Particular Process:- Kill the processes using task kill command. In order to kill any process/application with command line, you just have to specify its name with the process kill command.
  • An Example To Demonstrate:- i.e. For blue stacks application kill command will be:- Task kill /F /IM bluestacks.exe or for Skype the application kill command will be Task kill /F /IM Skype.exe Here “F” is a sign of forced killing of process.


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