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Why All Kids Start Crying At Night

Why All Kids Start Crying At Night


It has been seen time and again that kids start crying at night. This is reported the most with new born babies and their mothers have to face a lot of trouble because of this. Often it has been seen that a baby will stay sleeping during the day, but it will stay awake at night and most of the time such kids keep crying when they are awake and it also forces you to stay awake along with your kid. If you are a mother, you will perhaps be aware of the fact why this happens, but if you are still not aware of it, there can be many factors affecting this habit of your kids and some of such factors can be described as follows:-

Why All Kids Start Crying At Night

Why All Kids Start Crying At Night

1. The Night Terror Effect:-

One of the most probable reasons for kids to start crying at night is that most of the kids experience night terror effect. Night terror effect should never be confused with a nightmare as it is something different. A night terror is a period when the child is not dreaming, but instead it is also not even awake. He/she never remembers what he/she had seen or experienced at night, but it is sure to make them feel terrified when they experience it.

2 Most of Babies Need a Nipple to Sleep:-

Most of the babies are habitual of sleeping when their mother fetches them with her breast nipple. The baby nurses and lactates and then it sleep. Most of the mothers keep breast feeding their baby even during the day and thus the baby is much more likely to keep sleeping during the day as well. When the baby will keep sleeping during the day, it is but obvious to wake up at night and he will try to find the nipple, which won’t be there to satisfy his hunger and thus the baby will start crying.

3. When They Are Sleepy During Day, They Stay Awake At Night:-

I know I have told it to you earlier as well, but there is something different that I am going to tell you here about the same factor. A baby cries when it wakes up most of the times even during the day as it does not find his mother around. The mother feeds the baby and he gets back to normal once again. The same happens with the baby during night when he wakes up all of a sudden.

4. Feeling Isolated From Mother:-

Mr. Amit Sharma says, a baby is likely to feel isolated sometimes from its mother even when she is around. A baby comes to know about his mother only by the feeling of touch and when she has not kept him touching her boy, he will start crying. This happens with most of the babies and when they find them isolated from their mother, they start crying.

5. Sometimes Even Because of a Nightmare:-

This problem can arise with a child sometimes because of a nightmare as well or if it is not a nightmare, the baby is sure to be hungry. Most of the children get distracted from their sleep even with a slight noise or disturbance and when there is darkness all around, they start crying. In such a stage, the mother has to wake up in order to feed the child or to interact with her child by talking and caressing him.


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