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How to Keep Your Husband in Control

How to Keep Your Husband in Control


To have her husband in control is what perhaps every woman desire and in this urge only many women seek multiple ways that can enable them do so. Husbands are basically a hard thing to handle, but when you take care of some easy things and steps, they can easily be made a puppet dancing on your fingers and taking idea about it from the various housewives, we have prepared some tips for the common housewives that will enable them to have an easy control over their husbands.

How to Keep Your Husband in Control

How to Keep Your Husband in Control

1. Make Them Dependent on you:-

In order to keep your husband in control, the first thing that you may choose to do is to make the entire family dependent on you. The more the entire family needs you, the more even your husband be bound to stay with you for his needs. It has been observed that the most of husbands, even forget where they had kept their files and when the wives find it and give it to them, they start getting dependent on her for their regular life based works.

2. Use Emotional Torture and Blackmail:-

In some of the cases emotional torture or blackmail might also work. When a woman is able to make her tears be bought in use as a way of making her husband get caring about her, she can for sure make him dance on her fingers like a puppet.

3. Have Good Relations with the Other Members of Family:-

The way to have your husband under control is to have good relations with rest of the members of the family as well. Simply make good relation with your in-laws as well as the other members of family such that none of them ever rumors, anything about you to your husband and when each and every member of the family will be praising you, even your husband won’t be able to be spared out of it.

4. Cook Good Food for Him:-

Someone has rightly said that the way to a husband’s heart goes right from his stomach and if you are a good cook, you may choose to cook one of your husband’s favorite dishes so as to make him start getting dependent on you and keep him in control. Each day should start with an affectionate hug and a passionate kiss.

5. Do What Mrs. Ruchi Says:-

According to Mrs. Diksha, Her husband was a habitual alcohol drinker and most of the time she had to become a victim of his anger when he came late at night after drinking. One day out of anger when her husband tried to beat her, she reacted as if she had got faint and pretended like she gained consciousness only the next day. Her husband started treating her in a better way after that and even left drinking as well. You may also try some similar approach so as to tackle your husband in a better way.


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