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How to Keep Your Hands Warm

How to Keep Hands Warm


Often when the winters are extra drizzling and we are traveling outside in the chilling winter, there feels a need that we should have something to keep our hands warm. We cannot always manage to stay in the quilts and mattresses to protect ourselves against the cold and thus there comes a need for some natural tricks and some other approaches that can help us keep our hands warm. This can be easily done if you follow the procedure that we are mentioning here for you.

How to Keep Your Hands Warm

How to Keep Your Hands Warm

1. Use Woolen or Leather Hand Gloves:-

The woolen clothes are proven to prevent the cold from reaching your body and so is the case with woolen gloves, Simply get some genuine wool and knit gloves from it for yourself or in case you don’t know how to knit, simply bring home some leather gloves and wear them to keep your hands warm.

2. Rub Both Your Hands against Each Other:-

In case you still feel your hands to be shivering and you need to keep them warm, try the way I do it in these kinds of situations. Simply bring both of your hands together like the way you do while clapping and rub both the hands against each other. This will make them warm and save your skin against cold as well.

3. Use Room Heater to Warm Your Hands:-

The electrical room heaters that we use with rooms and vehicles can also prove to relieve you a lot against the cold. Simply bring your hands close to the heater and try rubbing them against each other in front of it. Your hands will get relieved against cold.

4. Try Pressing Your Hands Underarms:-

In certain situations, pressing the hands under the places like your underarms or under thighs can also make you the desirable benefits. The places like underarms and under thighs are always warm and thus when you place your hands in this place, the heat from that area will meet your hands as well.

5. Try Out something hot:-

Something hot that you hold in your hands can also bring about the desired change. Like suppose you go for a cup of hot tea or hot milk, sipping it will relieve you against cold, but the hot glass that you will be holding will help to keep your hands warm as well.

6. Stay Wrapped and Close To Some Source of Heat:-

In case you are in a hotel or some guest house or your own home, try staying wrapped with multiple quilts to keep your hands warm.  Stay close to some source of heat if there is no shelter. Try blowing up a camp fire with multiple dry sticks and stay close to it to make your hands get warm.


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