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How to Keep Snakes Away From Home

How to Keep Snakes Away From Home


Snakes are the creatures that look somewhat wire shaped in structure and are not having any legs because of which they crawl. In some of the cases where the house is located near wild or near some area of fields or vegetation, it has been noticed that snakes are likely to be residing in such areas and are also likely to invade your homes as well. In such cases, you may adopt the ways that we are mentioning here so as to keep snakes away from your home.

How to Keep Snakes Away From Home

How to Keep Snakes Away From Home

1. Know about the Kind of Snakes That Reside In Your Area:-

In order to keep snakes away from your house, the first thing that you will need to do is to Know about the type of snakes that are found in your area.  This will make you familiar with the ways that can be adopted to get rid of the snake of each type and thus you get sorted.

2. Deprive Them of Their Food:-

After you come to know which type of snake you are experiencing with your surroundings, you may choose to deprive it of its food first of all. There should be no rats in the premises of your house and even the other stuff that snakes are supposed to feed on should also be removed.

3. Keep the Yard Free from Clutter:-

What we call clutter is basically an invitation to snakes. It provides them all sorts of comforts that they are searching for including the darkness, the piles of leaves, the decaying compost as well as the other such sorts of comforts that the snake would be looking for. You are advised to keep your yard free from clutter so as to keep snakes away from it.

4. Drain Off If Water Has Got Collected somewhere:-

The water should not be allowed to be collected in case you live in a snake familiar region. Water is the perfect place for snakes to reside in and they move even better in water than they move as compared with their movement on a smooth floor. Drain off the water if it has got collected somewhere so as to get rid of snakes in a better way.

5. Seek Help of Some Snake Charmer:-

In case, nothing has proven to make you any sort of benefit, you may also choose to call a snake charmer to your surroundings so as to charm the snakes and take them away with him enclosing them in a closet that he would take along with him. Snake charmers know very well how to attract snakes and make them dance to the tune that they play with their snake charming pipe.

6. Call the Pest Control Department:-

If there is no snake charmer available within your region or if there is case of some big snake like anaconda, python, rattle snake or the cobra, etc. You may simply call the pest control or zoo department so as to make them take it away with them and make you sorted with this problem.


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