How to Keep Downloading When In Sleep Mode

How to Keep Downloading When In Sleep Mode


Sleep mode refers to the profile mode provided in the most of gadgets that support the calling or data usage feature including the smart phones, the normal phones as well as tablets, etc. This feature enables the user to go for a complete shutdown of the SIM cards for a decided period without actually switching off the device which means the gadget will stay active but the SIM cards and data will be switched off and there will be no activity related to the operator in that device. In such cases the downloading is likely to get paused and in order to keep on downloading even in this period of time, you may choose to adopt the following two ways.

How to Keep Downloading When In Sleep Mode

Keep Downloading When In Sleep Mode

1. Make Use of the Wi-Fi That Your Gadget is enabled with:-

In order to keep on downloading without making the use of SIM card based data, the best suitable way to go for it is through a Wireless Wi-Fi connection. This can be done making usage of the hotspot creation. If you have got a Wi-Fi enabled gadget, simply switch On its Wi-Fi and make a connection through wireless Wi-Fi hotspot through another device like that of Wi-Fi plug in or some other Wi-Fi enabled device. This one may require the password of another device or it gets even better if you try using an open network. In case the password is not available, you can crack it using the Wi-Fi password crack technique.

2. Go for the Bluetooth Tethering:-

If there is no Wi-Fi connection available, you may even choose to go for the option of Bluetooth tethering as well. Simply switch on the Bluetooth of your handset and make the use of Bluetooth tethering option out of your gadget’s settings to create a personal kind of network with the gadget as well as the other gadget using data. The Bluetooth tethering will enable you to use the data from another device to this device and you would be able to continue downloading even if the gadget is in sleep mode.

3. The Free Data Usage Zones:-

There are several free data zones like that of some cafeterias, etc. that offer free Wi-Fi usage to their customers reaching where you can avail the free Wi-Fi service and make yourself be able to enjoy an access to free network continuing your downloads and that too while sleep mode has been enabled within the device.

4. Some flaws while downloading:-

While you are downloading in some browser like opera mini, it is much possible that your download will need to be restarted once it gets cancelled because of the sudden switch off to the internet connection and thus you are advised to pause the download first and then continue after you get some other source of data available with yourself.


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