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How to Keep Breasts Healthy In Your 30s

How to Keep Breasts Healthy In Your Thirties?


The female’s breasts undergo a variety of changes with the change of life. The size, shape, color and even level of tenderness gets affected with the increase in age or stage of life. It also gets affected by the stage of pregnancy or when you encounter any breast related health disorder. In order to ensure breast health, you need to take care of your breast area in all available manners. If you experience pain in breasts, this might be the symptom of an underlying health issue. If you experience sore nipples or any other such issues, it can also be cured applying some simple approaches. Here are some ways in which you can enhance the health of your breasts and keep them fine with increasing age:-

How to Keep Breasts Healthy In Your 30s

How to Keep Breasts Healthy In Your 30s

1. Treatment of Breast Pain:-

Often, women experience a strange kind of pain with their breasts. Most of such women start taking it as a symptom of breast cancer. This pain can also result from hormonal changes or soreness of nipples. Though you experience pain in such case, but it is never a symptom of breast cancer.

2. The Way to Adjudge Problem with Your Breasts:-

If you are suffering from breast cancer, you can try pressing your breast between your fingers and if a solid mass is felt which pains when you try to pick it or touch it, it means that you might be affected by breast cancer. In such a case, you should not panic and instead you should just go and meet with a doctor.

3. Trim off the Consumption of Caffeine:-

Taking an excess of caffeine in your diet can often result in making your pain felt less if you experience pain in your breasts which is not from breast cancer. You can also try other such substitutes like primrose oil, steroid substitutes etc.

4. Go For the Screening If You Feel Anything Unusual:-

If you think that your breasts have met some health disorder, just reach the nearest body care unit and ask the doctor to perform screening of your body. The screening will involve you to undergo a test which will reveal every kind of problem with your breasts like presence or absence of cancer or any other form of illness/disorder with the concerned part of body.

5. In Case of Sore Nipples Problem:-

If you have a baby, try to sprinkle some milk on your breasts before putting the nipple into baby’s mouth. Besides this, you should let the nipple get deep into the baby’s mouth so that the baby may be able to nurse it well. If there is some rash/pain reported in the area, consult it with your health specialist.

6. Problems with the Size of Nipples:-

If you have big breasts and you think that they are big because of some health disorder, you are very much mistaken with this decision as big breasts often fit better in baby’s mouth and he is able to nurse them better. Besides this, we will advise you to wear a bra which is supportive enough for your back and shoulders.


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