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How to Judge a Person by Face Reading

how to judge a person by face reading


It has been rightly said by someone that a person’s face tells a lot about his personality as well as the way he treats others. Criminals always try having a look of criminals and decent fellows are always careful about looking decent. To judge a person by his face is a great kind of art that if once learnt can help you a lot in  distinguishing if a person can be trusted or  not. In case you feel doubtful about a person and about what keeps on getting cooked in his mind while being with others, you may choose to go for the following ways in order to know about it.

how to judge a person by face reading

How to Judge a Person by Face

1. First of All Make an Eye Contact:-

In order to judge a person by his face, first of all you will need to make an eye contact with that person and if he or she tries to take away the eyes from you and the contact breaks, it means something is cooking and the person is surely hiding something from you.

2. Notice what Kind of Smile the Person has:-

Sometimes, a person has got much more hidden in his eyes. Sometimes an eye contact also symbolizes love and sometimes even hate as well. During both the aspects of making an eye contact, the difference can be realized and this difference can be bought in use to determine the temperament of that person.

3. Are There Strange Kinds of Marks on His Face:-

It has been seen that the people who always are indulged in criminal activities, strange marks, get developed on their faces because of the scratching and wounds that this job gives them. The people with these kind of marks should always be kept in suspicion until you come to know completely about them.

4. Does the Person Make Any Weird Gestures:-

Some people keep on standing by the place, making strange kind of gestures towards you or someone else related. These are the people you should stay beware of. The gestures should never be paid a heed and in case you are a female, you should immediately seek for help regarding the same from some family member.

5. Meaning behind the Saliva That Is Seen Out of Lips:-

Some people have got saliva coming out of their mouth while they talk. Though this might be an outcome of some serious disorder, but still many of the people of this kind are not suitable to be with as this is a sign of lust.

6. Meaning Behind Blinking Eyes:-

People blink eyes sometimes to make you remind the plan that you had made or sometimes upon the successful execution of that plan. Some people even blink eyes as a sign of friendship and some even blink their eyes in order to check if the opposite sex is also paying attention towards them. In every situation this blinking has got a separate sense and thus considering, that sense you can easily determine if the person is right or wrong.


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