How to Judge a Girl in Arranged Marriage

How to Judge a Girl in Arranged Marriage


Arranged marriages are the ones in which it is the parents who judge which girl or boy their son/ daughter will be marrying and this one is the major practiced way of getting married in countries like India. While this one is considered to be the most suitable method for getting married but still there is always a risk associated with these kinds of marriages and this is the difference of temperament as well as values and if you get a wrong life partner, your whole life gets spoiled which is why here we are listing some ways adopting which you can easily judge if a girl is suitable for getting married or not.

How to Judge a Girl in Arranged Marriage

How to Judge a Girl in Arranged Marriage

1. Tell Her Your Aspirations and Goals in Life:-

In order to judge a girl for marriage, the first thing that you can begin with is the goals and aspirations that you have got in life. What you are currently doing, about your family, about your future goals in life and don’t forget to ask her the same. This will give you both a better chance to know each other. Judge a Boy For Marriage

2. Tell Her about Your Expectations from Your Wife:-

Obviously the arrange marriage won’t give you all what you must be expecting with a love marriage but you can get even much more than expected from it if the expectations of you both from life are found to be common and thus the next step includes you to ask and enquire the expectations that she has got from life telling her your views regarding the same.

3. Ask Her about Her Expectations from Her Husband:-

Now when you both have known each other’s expectations as a husband and wife, you will be able to generate more questions based on the doubts that strike your mind. You may ask her if she would like to live separate or within a joint family, it she would like to go for a job afterwards or not etc.

4. On Which Aspects Will She Be Able To Make Compromises:-

There are many other aspects on which a woman may or  may not be able to make compromises after marriage and some of these include your habits of party, club and drinking, etc. There may be other such aspects that are better if you enquire it previously from her that if she would allow you for it or not.

5. What Will You Allow Her For And What Not:-

Don’t forget to mention what and how you will allow her for anything, including her further studies and career and the ways she would need to adopt while living in your house and staying along with you. If this gets best to the both of your knowledge, your marriage would get even better than a love marriage.

6. Your Extra Demands and Her Extra Conditions: –

Your extra demands, including the demand for the home based equipment or anything else, including your expectations from the bride’s family should be told to them in advance as these things are better told earlier than to tell them afterwards. It is better you stay against dowry, but still if there is anything, that can be told to the other party.


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