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How to Judge a Boy for Marriage

How to Judge a Boy for Marriage


A marriage is not just the ceremony of meeting of two personalities and souls, but it is also a meet of two families as well. Having a boy chosen for marriage is a one time lifetime deal and if you get a wrong kind of boy for yourself or your daughter, the entire life of girl is likely to be spoiled which is why we advise you to act mature and smart for the betterment of your daughter’s future. In case you feel doubtful how and what kind of boy you are to choose for your daughter, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Judge a Boy for Marriage

How to Judge a Boy for Marriage

1. Meet the Guy:-

In order to judge a boy for marriage, first of all you will be required to meet the guy, sit with him alone and ask him a few general questions to make him calm down. Ask him to feel free to tell you everything about him.

2. Ask Him about His Goals in Life, Aspirations and Expectations:-

The next thing that you will be required to ask for is the perceptions that the boy has, the expectations that he has made in life as well as the goals that he thinks to be completed so as to make his life be run in a better way. This will give you a lot of information about him.

3. Will He Allow you for a Job and Further Studies or Not:-

Ask him if he will allow you to go for a job or not. If you agree being a housewife, it is ok, but if you are also aspired about your career and wish to go for job as well as further studies, you should ask him from earlier so that there may not be a problem ahead.

4. What Sort of Freedom He will provide you with:-

Ask him what sort of freedom he will provide you. If you can live in a simple suit with him, it is ok, but if you want to live modern, you should also ask him if he will allow you the modern ways as well or not. Asking this earlier will make your hands arise against the same and you would be at an advantage.

5. What Sort of Boundations You Will Have To Survive With:-

Ask him what sort of boundations you will have to live with. When you get accustomed to the boundations that he is telling in advance, you will be able to make a better choice regarding the match and you will be sorted in a better way.

6. Can He Take Your Responsibilities:-

The first and foremost comes the way he can take your responsibilities. You should try to know where you think he will be able to support you and take a stand for you and where he won’t help you. Try having a friendly approach with him in asking his interests and what he does not like and then make a decision asking all this from him.


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