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John Cena Workout Routine in Gym and Diet Plan

John Cena Workout


“John Cena” or “John Felix Anthony Cena” was born on April 23, 1977 in west Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S; He was a rapper, wrestler and rapper. His personality makes him an inspiration for all those who seek to join WWE and everybody who goes for gymming wants to adopt his workout style in order to gain body like him. In this article we have come with some tips following which anybody can work out like John cena, some of which can be explained as follows:-

John Cena Workout Routine in Gym and Diet Plan

John Cena Workout Routine in Gym and Diet Plan

1. To Work out Like “Cena” Learn To Eat Like Him:-

“The tough you workout, the more proteins you need to eat”. Proteins are the basic body building foods. First of all, look for the diet plans that you need to adopt. Eliminate everything that is harmful for you. Eat a diet rich in fiber and proteins. Your diet can contain eggs, milk, raisins, fruits, veggies, brown rice, chickens, whole wheat and snacks. Just adding these foods to your refrigerator won’t work, you will have to workout following a schedule. The food should be eaten at a proper time.

2. Adopt A Trainer:-

Even “John Cena” had to adopt a trainer, He was trained by “Ultimate Pro Wrestling” and “Oheo Valley Wrestling” none amongst us is a born star, we need to be trained. Only a gem smith knows the value of diamonds and thus I will advice to appoint a trainer for you. Most of the gyms these days provide separate trainer to their members.

3. Health Supplements Are A Must:-

Not just a diet rich in nutrients, but you need to adopt a diet rich in everything and eating just lean proteins won’t help you. You need to take advice from your trainer regarding the health supplement that will best suit you. You must go for a power packed health supplement like “keratin” or “glutamine” or even “protein” supplement would work. Those who drink, health packed drinks made with these health supplements daily while gymming stay more fit than the others. Supplements can even help you gain your body mass and can even help you to get muscles build in a smarter way. Vegan Meal Plan for Bodybuilding

4. Gymming Exercises:-

Adopt exercises like barbell, bench press, take 3 sets and do 5 repeats, you can even go for a pause bench press, 3 sets and 5 repeats would work. You can even go for the others like push ups and crunches and others that help you with your workout. Simply sit with your trainer and work on a workout plan that suits you the best. Fix everyday for a specific part of your body. Let Monday be the “chest” day, Tuesday be the “biceps” day, Wednesday be the “legs” day, Thursday be the “shoulders” day, Friday be the “neck” day, Saturday be the “hands” day and Sunday be the resting day as you need to recover from the damage done by excessive workout. Keep repeating the schedule.

5. Adequate Rest And Practice:-

Now when you know your strategy and have made your diet regulated and sufficient, just workout, start from the normal mode and end with the beast mode. Take adequate amount of rest and keep practicing. Take advice from the trainer whenever you feel confused about something.


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