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Home Remedies for Jock Itch Treatment

Home Remedies for Jock Itch


Jock itch can be taken as a fungal infection in which the areas like buttocks, groin, the areas of inner thighs and the genital areas get affected. This health problem can occur in both men and women, but the cases are reported much often amongst men only. Those who have a weak immune system or are over weighted are also at the risk of developing this health problem and in case this has happened to you, you may choose to go for the tips.

Home Remedies for Jock Itch Treatment

Home Remedies for Jock Itch Treatment

1. Alcohol or Apple Cider Vinegar:-

In case you are suffering from the problem of jock itch, dip a cotton ball in some alcohol and massage the affected area with it. This will help you get relieved against the symptoms of jock itch problem. In case the alcohol is what you do not prefer, apple cider vinegar can also be bought in use to avail the same benefits.

2. Use Bleach for jock itch:-

The bleach that we use while cleaning the clothes so as to make them shine can also be bought in use to treat jock itch as well. Simply apply it off to the affected area and see the results yourself. In some cases the application of certain herbs may also make a benefit as well.

3. Have the Weight Decreased:-

The problem of increase in weight and obesity has been found to be quite common in case you need to get rid of jock itch problem. It has been seen that the weight increase adds to the troubles that a person faces while he suffers jock itch problem and thus we advise you to work on decreasing your weight.

4. Have the Temperature Regulated for Sweating to be controlled:-

It has been proven in a study that sweating may make the situation worse in case you are suffering from the problem of jock itch. Sweat adds to the itching and thus the situation gets beyond your control. In case you need to get relieved against the problem of jock itch, you may choose to work upon the temperature or stay in an air conditioned environment so as to get benefited against the problem of sweating.

5. Tea Tree Oil and have a soothing effect:-

It has been proven in a survey that tea tree oil can also prove to be effective in case you are suffering from jock itch. Simply take a portion of tea tree oil on your palm and massage with it on the associated area of skin rubbing the oil with your fingers massaging it in a favorable way. This will prove to be curative against jock itch for sure.

6. Moisturizer Or Soothing Ointment With The Target Places:-

Just like the tea tree oil, the application of certain other oils just like the castor oil, coconut oil etc. may prove to bring about the desired benefits as well. In case the oil is not available, you may also choose to go for some moisturizing cream or some soothing ointment that is destined to relieve you against the itching problem at these places.


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