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How to Irritate Your Mother In Law

Ways to Irritate Your Mother-In-Law


Mother-in-law is a relational word brought into use to address to the mother of one’s husband or wife. To irritate someone refers to the art of annoying someone or making them angry with your acts. Sometimes, the relationship of a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law with a mother-in-law gets so complex that there is no option left but to make her irritated with your acts. This includes the situations when either she arrives as a guest in your house and plans not to leave at any cost or when she starts interrupting in between you and your partner. There can be many ways to irritate your mother-in-law, some of which can be explained as follows:-

How to Irritate Your Mother In Law

How to Irritate Your Mother In Law

1. Keep Mortifying Her In Front of Your Partner indirectly:-

The best treatment for an irritating mother-in-law is to irritate her back by mortifying her in front of your partner. Just make comments on every job that she does and miss-manipulate every statement from her side. This will make her feel angry and irritated both at the same time.

2. Plan a Group Photo and Get Her Out of it:-

This one is the best trick to irritate your mother-in-law. Just plan a group picture and ask all the family members to stand in a group pose. Ask her to stand at the back if she is tall in height or ask her to stay at either of the sides so that you may be able to keep her out while clicking the picture. If she is at the back, take the picture in such a way that her head stays out of the click. She will really feel irritated to see herself out of the group pictures.

3. Add More Salt/No Sugar To Her Food:-

If your mother-in-law hates more salt in food, just add it in access to her food or if you are planning for a sweet dish, just keep it spared from adding any sugar. Your mother-in-law will get irritated when you make her eat such tasteless food products.

4. Book Multiple Fake Orders On Her Name:-

Call Flipkart or Home Shop 18 and book multiple orders on your mother-in-law’s name. Your mother-in-law will feel irritated when multiple home delivery boys will be abusing her for booking multiple orders but receiving none of them.

5. Keep Hiding Her Letters:-

If your mother-in-law is expected to receive some important letter/ courier or money draft, just hide all such letters that she is expected to receive. Also pick up the receiver of phone yourself when any call arrives and answer that she is not present at home if it is for her. This will make her irritated when she will be late for her appointments/works.

6. Spill Food or Juice on Her Clothes:-

Act like you are just about to vomit while sitting in front of her on dining table. Spill fruit juice/water on her clothes all of a sudden or do any other thing that she hates. Lock her room all of a sudden when she enters the room, but keep in mind that your wife should not have any clue about it.


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