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How Excess Iron Consumption Affects Your Health

How Excess Iron Consumption Affects Your Health


Iron is one of the most needed mineral essentials needed by our body for its regular and healthy functioning. Almost all of us prefer eating food items rich in the content of iron as it makes us gain healthy growth of body besides making us tough and muscular. Iron also keeps our health fortified against the disease of anemia and thus even the dieticians advise us to take a significant amount of iron in our diet. There is another fact related with iron as well. Iron if taken in an excess amount can also prove to be dangerous for our health. Some of the dangerous effects of iron consumption on our health can be explained as follows:-

How Excess Iron Consumption Affects Your Health

How Excess Iron Consumption Affects Your Health

1. Know Why You Need Iron:-

In order to understand how excess consumption of iron affects your health, you will also need to understand why we need iron. Actually, the function of iron is to provide hemoglobin to the human body. Hemoglobin helps to carry oxygen in blood and to bind it throughout the body tissues. Having less iron in your body causes Fatigue and Anemia but if you have it in excess, it becomes dangerous in that situation also.

2.  Causes Abnormal Oxygenation of Cells:-

We need iron in our body for cell oxygenation. When there is an abnormal oxygenation of cells, it also becomes dangerous for you. Access of iron is thus dangerous. Excess of iron causes Dysmetabolic Iron Overload Syndrome, which is one of the dangerous diseases that a large number of people these days suffer from.

3. Iron In Surplus Is Difficult To Excrete:-

If iron is in a deficient amount, we can gain it by eating iron rich food items like spinach but if it is in a surplus, the body won’t be able to excrete. Human body just has a limited ability to excrete iron out of it.  When we keep on taking overdose of iron, the new taken iron keeps on getting piled up over the old taken iron and thus it gets difficult for our body to get rid of it.

4. The Iron Gets Collected In Our Body Organs:-

Iron keeps on getting accumulated in the body organs like heart, liver and pancreas. Now, as iron is a kind of oxidizer, it contributes to the process of oxidization and as a result, the body tissues get damaged which further gives rise to many other health issues.

5. Causes You Diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Cirrhosis Liver Cancer Etc:-

In a study, it has been noted down that iron specifically accumulates in the region of the human brain. This affects the memory power and thinking processes. Excess of iron content has been further linked with the diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Cirrhosis liver cancer etc. and all of these diseases are a threat to human beings.

6. Results in Cardiac Arrhythmias and Viral Infections:-

Excess of iron can result in horrible disease like that of cardiac arrhythmias and health issues like that of viral infection. It has rather been seen time and again that excess of iron results in many other similar disorders and thus it should be taken in a balanced and controlled amount.


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