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How to Invest in Gold Bond Investment Scheme

How to Invest In Gold Bond Scheme


There are many festive occasions like marriage, Deepawali and other such ceremonial occasions, functions and festivals when purchasing gold is thought to be the best. Actually gold is one of the most expensive metals these days, and thus it is always advised to purchase it for such occasions. Purchasing gold for such occasions makes us save it for future as the value of gold always increases and never decreases. If you have gold with yourself, you can invest it in government based schemes to increase its value. Let us discuss how one can invest in a gold bond scheme in order to avail maximum profits from the gold purchased by him.

How to Invest in Gold Bond Investment Scheme

How to Invest in Gold Bond Investment Scheme

1. Come To Know about the Scheme:-

The government has recently launched two schemes based on gold and Sovereign Gold Bond scheme are one of these schemes. According to these schemes, you can invest any amount of gold from 2gram to 1/2kg for a period of eight years. There was another scheme called gold monetization scheme launched with this scheme in which the gold is melted after taking it from you, but it serves several drawbacks as no-one prefers to get their gold melted and instead gold bond scheme is a better one in a way that it serves you with 2.75 percent interest per year on your gold. You can step back any time in order to take exit from this scheme after fifth year and onwards.

2. Who can invest In Gold Bond Scheme:-

Anyone who is a citizen/ resident of India and holds gold with him can invest in this scheme. This includes the trusts, universities, individuals, HUF’s, charitable trusts etc. Amongst the two schemes launched on investment based on gold, my vote goes to the gold bond scheme as it is less risky one.

3. The Specifications of Gold Bond Scheme:-

The price of bond in gold bond scheme is same as the simple average price of the previous week of gold 999 purity, which is published by the Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association Limited published on the RBI website before the open of an issue.

4. Benefit of This Scheme for You and For Others:-

You must be aware of the fact that our mothers, sisters and wives are crazy about gold. There is a tradition in the country to gift gold in marriages and other occasions like Deepawali etc and thus there are a big number of gold ornaments lying in the household. By launching schemes like this, the government actually wants to bring out the 20,000 tonnes of gold, which is lying inside the households, institutions and trusts.

For you, this scheme means a profit in the face of interest paid to you. For a country, this scheme means a solution to reduce country’s dependence on foreign imported gold. It thus fulfills the gold needs of the jewellery industry and we have to make less imports of gold to the country.  The gold else is just like an object lying idle in the cupboards of people serving to be of no use. This scheme is thus of a great profit for those who get interest as well as for the market, which gets safeguarded against the gold export problem.


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