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Who Invented The First Pencil and When

Who Invented Pencil


Talking about pencil, it is a cheap, durable and easy source of writing on anything, including the paper products, etc. Pencil is basically lead wrapped in wooden enclosures and these wooden enclosures are made in such a way that the led unit is perfectly held tight in the wooden space for it. Now when the lead units packed in wooden finishes are sharpened with a sharpener, the sharp tip of lead can be bought in use for the writing purposes.  Talking about the founder or the inventor of pencils, the exact founder is not known, but there are various facts and figures that I have bought for you that are sure to make you acknowledged regarding the same.

Who Invented The First Pencil and When

Who Invented The First Pencil and When

1. The Way How Pencils are made:-

The ores of Graphite which is an allotropic form of carbon are mixed with a clay binder which gives grayish and black marks when we try to write with it and these marks can be easily erased as well. The graphite marks could be removed easily with several chemicals as well as rubber and this is why a commercial production of pencils was started.

2. The Usage of Several Kinds of Pencils:-

Earlier in olden times, the feathers dipped in ink were used for the purpose of writing and some people even used to go for the other measures as well. The introduction of pencils bought about a shift in number of such measures adopted and people now started using pencils for this purpose. There were several kinds of pencils introduced and some of these were meant for the purpose of drawing while the others were meant for the purpose of writing only.

3. Various Kinds of Pencils Manufactured:-

The pencils used by artists for the purpose of making drawings and portraits were the charcoal pencils. The waxy kinds of pencils were used for the coloring or shading purpose and others, such pencils include the grease pencil or the simple writing pencil etc.

4. The pioneering of various kinds of pencils:-

The Pop up Kind of Pencils Were Pioneered By a Manufacturer from Taiwan Who Used to Manufacture Stationary. The Name of the Product Was Kept “Benisa” Which Was On The Name of Company “Benisa Pioneer Industrial Corporation” The commercialization of pencils had begun this way and there came many other such stationary manufactures and thinkers who revolutionized the history of pencil making and export. The whole world had now started using pencils and they were getting cheaper.

5. The Modern Era of Pencils:-

In the contemporary world, the commercialization has developed so far that pencils are now amongst the cheapest products manufactured over the earth. Every student begins his or her initial schooling with pencils and so is the case with pencil making and export business that is flourishing day by day.


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