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6 Smart Ways to Introduce Yourself in an Interview


An interview is an oral examination in which the recruiters meet you in order to judge your capabilities. Physical meeting gives them an idea about your general intelligence and they can easily guess your intellectual power. A normal interview always starts with an introduction. Obviously the recruiters are going to ask some subjection questions from you as well, but they know that there is another education besides subjectual education and it is the education of intellect that you get from real life and not a school.

6 Smart Ways to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

An introduction is the easiest question that a recruiter can ask you as it makes them come to know about you besides knowing about your way of talking. An answer to this question generates some more questions and thus the interview process goes ahead. Being the initial and crucial part of every interview, here we have bought some tips for you to prepare for the same.

1. Begin with Your Name and Qualification:-

An interview introduction always begins with a formal introductory line which you speak in order to make yourself introduced to recruiters. Suppose my name is Manish and I live in Delhi then I will begin my Introduction like,” Good Morning Sir, I am Manish Sodhi and I hail from New Delhi”.

2. Add Your Other Qualifications:-

In order to begin the introduction ahead, you can mention your qualifications after the first step. i.e. “Sir, I am a graduate in B. sc (Non-Medical) and I am a post graduate in M.sc. I have also achieved a diploma in computer applications from a state approved institution and my B.ed degree is also likely to get completed in just next one month. My results are awaited”.

3. Keep It Short:-

Don’t try to add more than sufficient achievements in your introduction. Some people try to add the names of multiple diplomas in their introduction and that too without a complete knowledge of that respective field. Introducing yourself in such a way is like inviting more questions for yourself much of which will be based on the same diplomas as the recruiters are not fools.

4. More Details Invite More Questions:-

The more detailed you make your introductions, the more detailed answers are expected by the recruiters and thus you should keep your introduction genuine in all respects. You should mention only your basic qualities and you should never go more than enough. Mentioning more than enough is not always good.

5. Do Not Flow In Emotions:-

Never get flown in emotions while introducing you. Crying in order to make recruiters get a glimpse of your personal situation always invites unfavorable circumstances for yourself and thus you should better focus on your personal traits and abilities rather than mentioning about your personal problems in front of the recruiters. They are practical people and though many of them will show sympathy with you, but this sympathy won’t ever mean a job in return.

6. Finish with an Ending Touch:-

Your introduction should end with a perfect ending touch. You can formally end your introduction or you can end it like “That’s all about me sir”. Some people make their introduction so long that it looks like they prefer speaking and not listening. This is also unfavorable sometimes and thus you should keep your introduction somewhat short and to the point.


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