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6 Interesting Things to do on a Rainy Day

6 Things to do on a Rainy Day


A rainy day can be regarded as the day which is full of clouds in the sky that are supposed to carry water droplets with them that can change anytime into heavy rainfall and thus parents feel it unsafe for their children to go and play outside and even they themselves do not like to move out so as to avoid any water related miss happening with them and thus there comes a need to look for the things that you can do staying at home.

6 interesting Things to do on a Rainy Day

6 Interesting Things to do on a Rainy Day

1. Make Some Rainy Day Dish:-

Start up by making a rainy day dish like that of onion pakoras or onion pakoras or any other dish made with gram flour that you can enjoy sitting in your house relishing the essence of rainy weather. You can manage to get some recipe book and search for these types of dishes in it. You will get the briefed recipe of such items in it.

2. Rain Bathing:-

If it is the first rain of the season, I will call it as the acid rain and you should not bathe in it so as to stay healthy and away from related diseases. You can even manage to take a bathe in rain water if it is the third or fourth rain of the season. Enjoy every drop of rain falling on your body and that too staying at your home.

3. Remove All the Stuff From The Open:-

The day can be quite labor full sometimes if you had kept some stuff out in the open to get it dried. You might need to remove that stuff from the open in order to prevent it from getting wet and being spoiled. Sometimes even excess water is harmful for plants and thus I will advise you to keep the pots of plants away from the continuous waterfall area.

4. Relish The Indoor Games:-

If you are a kid and your parents are refusing you to go out and play, You can even manage to play some indoor game in order to do time pass. You may manage to play carom or snake & ladders or even chess or some other indoor game like that. You can even manage to play a treasure hunt game with your family or you may even manage to play some video game staying in your room.

5. Searching Up The Rainbows:-

After the rain period gets over, you can end up watching the clearness of sky with the change in weather. You can even manage to look up the sky to find the rainbows in it. You can even manage to count up the areas that have got clogged with water or you may even check out the holes that have got water logged. Small children can enjoy splashing with their feet in this water.

6. Sitting By The Window Pane To Watch The Scene:-

If nobody still allows you go outside and have fun, You can manage to sit by the window pane and watch out the rainfall from this place. You can manage to take your hands out and feel the freshness of the water droplets but remember to do that in a safe way.


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