Top 10 Interesting Facts about Water

Interesting Facts about Water


Water is an essential part of our life and obviously is a need of the human body as well. We are advised to drink it daily in enough amounts to stay healthy, Immune and active; To drink more water is also beneficial for the release of toxins out of the body and to regulate the body temperature as well. Water is basically a thing without which we can’t survive and thus here we have come with some interesting facts about water that are sure to mesmerize you.

Interesting Facts about Water

Interesting Facts about Water

1. When a baby is born, the 80% of the entire body’s weight constitutes of water. Even in the case of adults, nearly 70% of the body is constituted of water.


2. The organisms who live in water take oxygen from water only. The oxygen mixed with water is forced by them into their respiratory mechanism and this way they respire. Interesting Facts about Water


3. A healthy individual can gulp nearly up to 50 cups of water a day. Water helps you stay fit and fine. Water also helps you stay active and healthy and helps you tackle the problems like obesity etc.


4. The loss of water from the body is known as dehydration, drinking water helps you in frequent urination that helps you to remove the harmful toxins out of the body.


5. Water also enabled the body to get rid of the excess salts and also makes you able to control the body temperature conditioning it by the means of sweat that gets ejected out of the skin pores.

Important Facts about Water

6. The sea water is generally saline in nature. This water should not be drunk at any cost as it may lead to the frequent dehydration of the body and you may even die because of it. Interesting Facts about Water


7. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither acidic nor basic. Drinking enough liquids, can really make you balance your weight in a proper way.


8. Water is a universal solvent. It is believed that the body is able to make the most out of a diet that is rich in fluids as the nutrients, including the vitamins, minerals, etc. get the best absorbed by human body if taken in liquid form.

Interesting Facts about Water

9. It is believed that food should be consumed after properly chewing it so as to make it a bit liquidified mixing it with the salivary juices as it is proven that food taken this way gets the best digested in the body.


10. Water with a pH value less than 7 is said to be acidic in nature while water having the pH value more than 7 is said to be basic in nature. The water with a pH value of 7 is neutral on the other hand. Rain water has a pH of 5.6 in general.


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