Interesting Facts About Technology

Interesting Facts About Technology

Interesting Facts About Technology

When we think about technology we might think about NASA, lasers, computers, the internet, energy, electronic gadgets or even certain types of transportation but technology has been around long before these inventions. The Gutenberg printing press is one such example.

The Gutenberg printing press appeared in the 15th century. It revolutionized the world and it’s a great example of world changing technology. Another technology we take for granted today is the invention of the wheel, that’s right ‘the wheel’ as in a circular rotating wheel. The wheel has changed life for all human beings by just making life easier and most technologies, tools and most products including some types of pottery just couldn’t exist without it.

From medicines to tools, technology not only helps to improve peoples lives (usually) but strongly contributes to the economy and stability of nations around the world.

Apes, monkeys, sea life and birds also discover new technologies which help to make their life better and even pass down the new technology they’ve learned to the next generation.

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