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6 Interesting Facts About Sharks

Interesting Facts About Sharks


You may take sharks as a group of large sized fishes that have got a kind of cartilaginous skeleton and Pectoral fins and gill slits with them. These often are characterized with strong and sharp teeth that can rip anybody within no time. Often in movies these fishes are shown attacking the sea surfers and are on the verge of extinction at many places. Here we have come with some interesting facts about sharks that are sure to mesmerize you.

Interesting Facts About Sharks

Interesting Facts About Sharks

1. The Life and Evolution:-

Talking about the life of sharks, the sharks have been believed to have evolved more than 420 million years ago and these are found in most of the seas. The sharks do not prefer to live in fresh water and have got some gill slits that make them able to breathe. Today’s world sharks are believed to have evolved approximately 100 million years ago.

2. Types of Sharks:-

There are nearly 500 species of sharks and these include the dwarf or small sized lantern sharks, the whale sharks and the tiger, the blue shark, the whale shark, the Mako shark etc. Amongst all these, the whale sharks are believed to be the largest ones in the world with a size of approximately thirty nine feet in length and are believed to take in the entire cruise ship if swallowed.

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3. Are Sharks Threat To Man Or Is Man A Threat To Sharks:-

Obviously sharks are becoming a threat to man because of the continuous attack reports noticed over a period of years, but just imagine, if someone tries to intrude your house, would you allow it? Same is the case with sharks as well. The shark populations in most of the areas are threatened by human activities and thus it is convenient when we say that not just the sharks are a threat to man but man is also equally a threat to these creatures as well.

4. Breathing Habits:-

Sharks lack gas filled swimming bladders and instead they have got a large liver in them that are filled with oil, enabling them store air and then use it purifying for the purpose of respiration. The shark liver is approximately 30% the size of the entire shark body and thus these creatures are able to breathe. In some of the cases, these fishes can even come to the sea surface to get some fresh air as well.

5. Reproduction Habits:-

Most of the sharks have got a life span varying from 20-30 years and these are egg layers rather than being the young one producer and the eggs are generally spiral in shape. The some of shark species like whales can even live up to 100 years in age.

6. The Speed that thrills:-

The shark’s fishes can be found in most of the seas and they can swim at a speed of average 8 kilometers per hour that can even go beyond this while attacking a prey and can reach up to 19kmph. Some of the sharks can even reach the speeds nearly around 50 Kmph including the shortfin sharks.


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