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8 Interesting Facts about Elephants Memory

8 Interesting Facts about Elephants


Elephants are large, muscular and heavy sized animals that are found in the regions of Africa as well as the regions of Asian continent. The large animal has got a trunk that it uses to suck up water while bathing and drinking and has got large and floppy ears and thick legs as well. This mammal survives on a vegetarian diet and gives a tough competition even to the predators like Lions and tigers. The Elephants prefer to live in groups and prefer to eat a vegetable and fruits rich diet. There are some facts related to this mammal that may really fascinate you, some of which have been bought by us in this article.

8 Interesting Facts about Elephants Memory - HowFlux

Interesting Facts about Elephants Memory

1. The African elephant is thought to be more larger than the Asiatic elephant. The body of African elephants is somewhat wrinkled unlike the Asian elephants and the Asian elephants have somewhat smaller ears than the African elephants.

2. Elephants spend approximately 16 hours a day searching for the food and eating it. It has been found that the villagers of areas surrounding the wild or areas where elephants are found suffer a major destruction of crops as elephants reach their fields and destroy them within no time to quench their food needs.

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3. An African elephant may grow from 2.5 meters to 4 meters in size and may weight from 2,260 to 6,350 Kilograms. while the Asian elephants may grow from 2 to 3 meters in size and may go from 2041 to 49990 kilograms in weight.

4. The largest African elephant that has ever been found in the African Wild was about 10,886 Kilograms in weight and about 13 Feet in size that is much large as compared to a normal elephant.

5. Elephants were used since ancient times by the famous kings as a warship against their enemies and many famous rulers used it in their fights and employed elephants in their armies. Elephants were used majorly to kill the convicts by making the elephant make a step on the enemy so as to kill him by making him get breathless.

6. Talking about elephants, they prefer to live in herds and it is lead by the oldest female of the group who shows the way to the others and all the members of a specific herd choose to walk together keeping the small babies under them to protect them from the predator enemies like lions and tigers who look to distract the physically less powered baby elephants and then hunt them.

7. A baby elephant may measure about 91 kilograms when it is born and may go up to three feet tall at the time of pregnancy. The average age of an elephant is from 20-50 years and the skin may get up to one inch thick that can bear even the strong of cuts made on it.

8. The elephants are poached recklessly by illegal human hunters and slaughtered to death so as to get their teeth as the elephant teeth is sold in extremely high prices. Though it is illegal to hunt elephants but still humans have become a major threat to this wild animal for its teeth.


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