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How do Intelligence Agencies Work Together

How Intelligence Agency Works?


An intelligence agency is a government based agency which brings about the collection, analysis and exploitation of information and intelligence in order to support law enforcement, national security and military purposes. Some of these agencies also bring about a control on arms trafficking, assassinations, terrorism and even the other such national flaws. Most of the agents of these agencies are undercover agents who undergo special training to serve as an intelligence agency official. “RAW”, for example, is an Indian Intelligence Agency. The working of an intelligence agency goes as follows:-

How do Intelligence Agencies Work Together

How do Intelligence Agencies Work Together

1. Hires the officials/spy’s: –

An intelligence agency launches recruitment notifications for people to join it as a spy. If a person has never made a trouble with the law and he clears all the educational requirements, accepting the terms and conditions of a particular intelligence agency, he is hired as a spy. A particular intelligence agency thus develops a network of spy’s with various designations and posts.

2. Most of the officers are from defense:-

Sometimes, the defense officers with a good career are also nominated for working as an intelligence agency official. The name is kept disclosed/undisclosed depending on the situation and circumstances. Intelligence agencies like RAW relied primarily on trained intelligence officers recruited directly but nowadays, these are also picked up from military, police and other defense services.

3. Many of These Have Their Own Service Cadre:-

Some of the agencies like RAW have their own service cadre to absorb the talent from particular universities or colleges. Army officers and civil officers are often deputed as intelligence agency officials. They have to first resign from their post in the respective defense agency and then they join intelligence agency.

4. The Cases are handled:-

Depending on the sensitiveness of a case, you may or may not get an adventurous job to do. Most of the intelligence officials just belong to law enforcement units. If you think that getting hired by an intelligence agency can give you superpowers like that of a batman or superman or like that of the cops that you see in movies, you are mistaken. Though you can take it as a similar job as you are working for the pride of your nation.

5. Types of Cases:

Many of the cases that an intelligence agency deals with include the cases of spying for getting confidential knowledge from people who enter the country with an ill motive.  The officials of such agencies are responsible for the collection of such information, analysis of it and even exploitation of the information if it is needed for the welfare of the country or to support law enforcement or to maintain national security.

6. An Agency with Responsibilities:

An intelligence agency does not just keeps a check over internal factors in the country, but also keeps a track of international scandals going on. These agencies keep a check over arms trafficking and even the cases of assassinations if it is related to some political leader or a person of importance to the nation.


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