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Managing The Integrated Marketing Communication Process

How To Managing The Integrated Marketing Communication Process


Integrated Marketing Communication Process is an application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels and using different promotional methods to reinforce each other. It is basically an approach to achieve the objective of a marketing campaign through a well coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other and this includes the modes such as advertising, sales, public contacts, sales promotions etc. In order to manage the integrated marketing communication process, the following tips can be bought in use:-

How To Managing The Integrated Marketing Communication Process

Managing The Integrated Marketing Communication Process

1.Understand The Market As Well as Consumers:-

Integrated Marketing Communication Process is all about understanding the market as well as customers. You can use any trick or technique or market test in order to adjudge the present situation of market and response of customers in that market towards your product to best decide this. Once you get accustomed with the customer response as well as market situation, you can easily manage the Integrated Marketing Communication process as well.

2. Use Large Scale Analytics to do so:-

Use a systematic method of large scale analytics with a series of different tools and systems to manage the integrated marketing communication. In our business language there is a saying “A better business man is the person, who exactly knows how to make his voice reach the customers”. Here large scale analytics save your skin by making you capable to do so.

3. Develop Communication Methods:-

Develop powerful methods of communicating with people. This includes advertising, Pamphlets and hoardings, online promotion, brand endorsing, on screen promotion, usage of your products in TV serials or promotion on air with the help of a radio station etc. The more effective your communication methods get the better integrated marketing communication you are likely to achieve and establish.

4. Maintain and Strengthen Your Brands:-

Keep strengthening your brands maintaining a data analysis of all consumer complaints and suggestions. You can have a separate helpline or portal for this purpose. By maintaining and strengthening your brands, you are actually fortifying your position in the market moving once step ahead in the field of market competition and communication.

5. Use One Medium’s Strength to Overcome Weaknesses of Other Medium:-

According to a famous business tycoon, the best way to manage integrated marketing communication process is to use one medium’s strength to overcome the other medium’s weakness. When you are weak, but a strong person is standing by your side, his presence is enough to overcome your weakness and same happens when we use this approach in the market field.

6. Test and Execute While Making Choice of Better Tools:-

Choose best option from all available tools with yourself. Make a smart choice only after testing and executing your tools so as to avoid making a bad choice. Talk with your team and begin ahead with your approach. You can’t ever be able to communicate in the market if you are not able to sit together and work for a plan in your office and thus besides making choice for tested and better tools, you are also advised to have a talk with concerned team about it.


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