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6 Instructions on How to Jumpstart a Car Step by Step

How to Jump Start a Car Step by Step


Jump Start is a method that we use to provide a boost to the car that is used to restart a vehicle by providing a boost to its discharged battery by a charged battery of another vehicle or some other external power source as well. Once you restart the car with uncharged battery, It will be able to move by charging its normal charging system. This one is an effective way to start your car and thus here we are explaining the whole process for it in a better way.

6 Instructions on How to Jumpstart a Car Step by Step

Instructions on How to Jumpstart a Car Step by Step

1. Ask Someone for Help:-

First of all, I will like you to ask someone with a similar vehicle for help. You can choose to jump start your car with his help. Ask him to come with his car to your place as you can use the power of his car’s battery in order to start your own car.

2. Open Your Car’s Bonnet:-

For going for the further process, you need to open the bonnet of your car first of all. There you will see the car’s battery. You will have to do the same with the other car also. Open its bonnet and find where the battery has been kept.

3. Bring Both the Cars In Contact:-

Now for the further approaches, you have to bring both the cars closers so that both can easily be connected with the jumper cables. You need to watch out the positive and negative terminals of both the batteries and make connections properly.

4. Safety Measures:-

Remember to use an eye gear as well as gloves in order to avoid any sort of miss happening while doing so. The gloves will prevent you from electric shock and eye gears will prevent you from coming in contact with any carbon emission as well. Remember to make the connections after gaining proper knowledge about this method.

5. Connect Both The Batteries With Jumper Cables:-

Now both the batteries are to be connected with jumper cables as well as the ground source in a proper manner as to avoid any miss happening. Ask the driver of uncharged car to try to start his car, the car will start and now both the batteries can be disconnected from jumper cables. The car now will be able to move and you both can now thank each other for help.

6. Push Start:-

Push start is another way of jump starting your car in a proper manner. You just need to call four – five of your neighbors and ask them to push your car in the forward direction. Try to start your car while they do so. Your car is sure to get started after some distance. With any approach that you apply amongst the ones that I mentioned, you need to take utmost care while doing so. Your car is sure to start after certain time and when it gets started, You have to drive it to some distance, it will get charged for the further travels like this.


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