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Instructions on How to Create a Microsoft Account

How to Create a Microsoft Account Step By Step


These days windows phones have come in fashion. Microsoft is the company releasing windows for smart phones. Not just these smart phones, but Microsoft releases windows for your personal computers and other devices also. Those who use Microsoft based devices need to have a Microsoft account in order to avail the services provided by the company. In this article we are explaining the ways to create a Microsoft account some of which are as follows:

Instructions on How to Create a Microsoft Account

Instructions on How to Create a Microsoft Account

Benefits of Microsoft Account :-

Having a Microsoft account can help you access the applications related to the company in a better way and lets you download countless applications issued by the company. Not just these applications, rather having a Microsoft account can even help you with payments made for purchasing the applications and to redeem them. Those who have a Microsoft account get an additional advantage that Microsoft account gives them the access to “One drive” that allows them to save their photos, videos and files within one account only and they can access those files sitting on any Microsoft gadget with just a log-in to your other device that can be a laptop, a tablet or some other device.

Creating A Microsoft Account :-

Creating a Microsoft account is as simple as creating any other account. It just requires you to think for a suitable password, a medium to identify yourself as an authentic user, your name and other details to be filled in the fields provided.

1. Filling Your Personal Details :-

Just open the sign up page to create a Microsoft account. The first text field will be telling you to fill your name, suppose your name is Mr. Ram lal gupta, you will fill ‘Ram lal” in the first text area provided.
The second text field will ask you to enter your surname; you will enter your sir name in it i.e. “Gupta”.

2. Filling Your Confidential Details :-

The third text field will ask you to choose a password, you can chose a suitable password for you and fill that in the text field provided, but remember that the password should be safe and should contain some special characters also. Rewrite the password in the next area to confirm your password.

3. Filling Your Other Details :-

The next thing you have to do, is to enter your date of birth. Just enter your date of birth, choosing the numbers from the fields and then follow the next step to enter your gender, which asks you if you are a “male” or a “female”.
Now you have to configure the account after entering the Capcha words meant for testing if you are not a machine choosing either by visual entry or by hearing the voice clip.

4. Configuring Your Account :-

Now, you just have to connect your account with your mobile number configuring it. Your Microsoft account has been created. You can connect your account with a credit card or debit card in order to make purchases from the applications market or you can even skip this step. You can log in to the “One Drive” and get the facility to save your personal stuff in it and enjoy it anytime you wish to see it with just a password and an account to be logged in.”


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