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How to Install Photoshop in Ubuntu using Wine

How to install Photoshop on Ubuntu


Photoshop is software which makes picture editing, animation creation and picture experimentation possible for you within any computer or laptop. This application also makes you capable to select any portion of a particular picture in order to crop it and use it by intermixing or merging it with the other picture. This software runs very well with Windows based operating system, but people often report me a problem when they try to find it for Ubuntu Linux based operating system. If you are using the same Ubuntu operating system, you can easily download and use Photoshop application in it following these simple tips:-

How to Install Photoshop in Ubuntu using Wine

How to Install Photoshop in Ubuntu using Wine

1. Finding the Supported Version:-

Talking about the Linux supported Photoshop version, Photoshop version 8.0 is supported for Linux. You can also use the 7.0 version as well. In order to install and run any of these applications, you should just have Cross over Office in your device which can be purchased from Code Weavers. These application versions are supported with Wine and here we are using “Wine” application in order to install Photoshop on Ubuntu.

2. Look for an Alternate Substitute:-

If you have tried Photoshop with Wine and you are not satisfied with its performance on Ubuntu as compared to windows, you can look for a substitute application from the Ubuntu Software Centre. There are many other photo applications present there and you can choose any of them meeting your requirements for this purpose.

3. Use Wine Application Instead to Run Photoshop:-

Wine application for Ubuntu can be bought in use to run Photoshop under Ubuntu.  You can install wine in your Ubuntu operating system by following these steps:-

  • Reach the applications section and click it.
  • Now click accessories and then click terminal.
  • Type “sudo apt-get install wine”. The application will get installed automatically.
  • Get your copy of Photoshop and insert it into CD-ROM drive of your device.

4. Where to Find Wine:-

If you have a working internet connection on your computer or laptop based on ubuntu, you can easily install wine application in it downloading it from Ubuntu Software Centre. You will also need to download the desired versions of Photoshop afterwards and you will be able to use Photoshop within the same device.

5. Using the Zipped File:-

If the link from where you downloaded the Photoshop software for Ubuntu gives you a zipped version, you can create a folder in any of the drives to extract it now. Go to the extracted files folder now and search for the .EXE file. Right click on the file and select open with “Wine” windows program loader. The application will get opened in Wine.


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