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6 Tips to Install Graphics Card in a Laptop

How to Install Graphic Card in Laptop


A graphic card is a chip which makes the gaming experience and video quality better. The better the graphics of a system, the better gets the picture viewing and image viewing experience as well. You can notice the difference when a movie is getting played in a graphic card lacking computer and a graphic card positioned laptop. The picture quality in a graphic card positioned computing device is always better than a device which lacks graphic card.

6 Tips to Install Graphics Card in a Laptop

6 Tips to Install Graphics Card in a Laptop

If you wish to enjoy better graphics within your computer, you should install a good graphic card in it. In order to install a graphic card in your computer, you can follow these simple steps:-

1. New Laptops and Computers Come Positioned with GPU:-

The new laptops and computers come positioned with a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. This unit is non-detachable and thus comes company packed. In order to make changes with the graphics of your computer/laptop, you thus have to deal with the GPU, which is not possible in the case of new laptops.

2. A Ray of Hope:-

If you have made your mind that you can’t compromise over the graphics quality, you will have to replace the processor with a new and upgraded one in order to enjoy better graphics. The GPU is basically a motherboard integrated unit and you can do nothing with it except going for a processor upgradation.

3. Still Not Satisfactory:-

In many of the cases, even if you upgrade the processor, it won’t show any improvement with the graphics. To mess up with the laptop can create havoc for you in such cases and thus you should not try anything with your laptop and instead you should purchase a new one.

4. Upgrade Also Voids the Guarantee:-

If you had recently purchased a laptop, but you were unsatisfied with its graphic features, you should never opt for any upgrade option as it will make your warranty void and if something wrong happens with your computer/laptop in such a case, the company won’t be responsible for it and no replacement/ repair will be made for free in such cases with your laptop.

5. Take it to a Professional:-

If you have made your mind to work up with the graphic card, you should take it to a professional in order to get it done. In case of GPU based laptops/computers, the graphic options can never be changed, but if your laptop or computer is an old one with graphic chip instead of a GPU, you can think of getting it upgraded by professional help.

6. Updating of the Drivers:-

In some cases it has also been noticed that first an individual is highly satisfied with his or her laptop/computer’s graphics, but then they find their computer a bit slow or either they find the graphic options getting irksome day by day.

In such cases you can think about updating the drivers and uninstalling the extra applications on your computer for the betterment of graphics as graphic card never has a RAM of its own and instead it shares your computer’s Ram for its functioning. The less processes are going on in the background, the better get graphics of your computer.


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